US Cellular Soon To Give Customers More Shared Data For The Same Cost


The four major US wireless carriers aren't the only ones making changes to wireless plans. The smaller regional US carrier U.S. Cellular is going to be swapping out some of the elements to their shared data wireless plans coming up in just a few days. Starting on March 13th, U.S. Cellular will be adding in more data amounts to their share data plans, but reportedly won't be upping the price points. So in short, they're planning on giving customers more data without any additional cost. This might be due to competing wireless carriers offering up compelling data and wireless plan options, or perhaps they just wanted to give their customers more value for their money.

It seems that in the wireless industry, you have to stay scrappy if you want to stay in business, and some of the carriers with bigger budgets and more to offer network wise have gotten a clue when it comes to the fact that customers aren't afraid to shop around if they aren't getting what they want or need. U.S. Cellular has taken the hint as well and will be upping the amount of data their customers receive, to stay on an even playing field as much as possible with the bigger competition.


The changes to the plans are as follows. The current shared data plan that starts at $40 with 300MB of data will be increasing to 1GB of data, which is more than triple the normal amount for no extra cost. The next plan up is the $50 plan and doubles the amount of available data from 1GB to 2GB. The last and highest plan is the $60 plan, which will be increasing by 1GB as well, from 2GB to 3GB. In addition to these increased data allotments, U.S. Cellular is also adding in two new plans to their line up. One for the cost of $15 a month, which offers users the 300MB data option that used to be included in the $40 plan, and a new $60 single line promotional smartphone plan that comes with 1GB of data. This particular plan will stay in effect from March 13th when U.S. Cellular launches it, until they bring out the new Simple Connect plans which is scheduled to be several weeks later.


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