Unreal Engine 4 Demoed on the Nexus 5; Looks Awesome


While the next generation of games consoles for the home, with vastly improved graphics and capabilities is now the current generation, things are continuing to move forward on the mobile front. In the last four years or so, we've seen mobile gaming go from colorful 2D graphics with simple gameplay mechanics to putting dedicated handhelds like Sony's PS Vita to shame, as well as creating completely new gameplay experiences. Thanks to the likes of the Unity engine and better OpenGL support in Android, games have gotten easier to make and better-looking overall. One of the bigger things to happen to mobile gaming in recent years has been the arrival of the Unreal Engine on Android and now, version 4 of the engine is here, and it's been demoed on a Nexus 5.

The Unreal Enginer 4 has now been demoed on the Nexus 5, which as a lot of you know features a quad-core Snapdragon 800 under the hood, a far cry from the 192-core GPU in nvidia's Tegra K1 we first saw the engine demoed on. Still, the Snapdragon 800 showed some great performance in the video you can see below and everything looked stunning. With 2GB of RAM onboard, there's obviously the ability to pack more textures into the engine and dynamic lighting is on show, as well as moving fabric. Moving fabric alone used to be something that only high-end PCs could do, but now we're beginning to see it in mobile games and those based on Unreal Engine 4 should prove to be something special, indeed.


At the rate mobile gaming is expanding, it's no surprise that folks like Mad Catz and OUYA have inexpensive games consoles on sale that utilize nvidia's mobile chips. The Tegra 4 inside of the MOJO is particularly potent and with Unreal Engine 4 looking this good, it could mean big things on the horizon for all Android gaming, not just on-the-go gaming.


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