Twitch Bringing Streaming to Mobile Gaming Starting with Gameloft Games

March 17, 2014 - Written By Nick Sutrich

Twitch streaming has become something of a paragon in the last year, and is a platform that has grown considerably in that time frame as well.  While the service can be buggy on some platforms (here’s looking at you Xbox One), it’s solid on others, and is an overall amazing way to stream your games to the web so others can watch.  It might sound like a boring thoroughfare but Twitch streaming now takes up somewhere around 2% of all Internet traffic, meaning quite a few of you out there love to watch others play games.  The service is super simple if you haven’t used it, basically you’ll sign up for an account with them, download the client to your computer and stream your games as you play them.  The client is available for other platforms too including the PS4 and Xbox One, and allow you to seamlessly stream your games without interruption or lag on a decent connection.  Now Twitch is going to be bringing streaming to mobile devices, starting with integration with Gameloft games.  Gameloft and Twitch have already started their first broadcast on the Gameloft Channel and will be bringing the service to you very soon.

Ashpalt 8: Airborne is the first game to be receiving this update, and while we don’t have any specific Android phones that this will support we can pretty much safely assume that if you have what’s considered a high-end device released within the last year you’re probably good to go.  Gameloft will be streaming the game on their channel with developer interviews, walk-throughs and even giveaways just for viewers.  What’s really cool is that, like other platforms that Twitch supports, you’ll be able to also utilize your front-facing camera and microphone to interact with viewers of your channel, meaning that you can chat and game while you stream, making gaming a more social experience than ever before, even for games that are traditionally single-player only.  While Twitch functionality has to be implemented on a game-per-game basis, we’re hoping Twitch is able to bring out an app that allows you to just stream anything in the background without having to be specifically implemented.  For now though we’ll get what we can take.  We’ll update you as Twitch updates the world on their new services, but until then we wait for the update.