Top 10 Best Android Games : March 2014


Max Axe: Quest For LootScreenshot (404)

This isn't your typical endless runner. Max Axe places you in the shoes of an axe wielding viking, who dares to enter the forest of loot to obtain the most sought after items any viking could ever want. With your trusty axe, you'll set out into the forest after fortune and glory, but you'll be met by plenty of things to stand in your way. Giant blobs of slime, murderous crows, fire spitting dragon-like creature things, and giant explosive mushrooms are just some of the things you'll encounter. Run through the forest as long as you can, all the while throwing your axe at enemies and much of the destructable environment for points, combo multipliers, gold and gems… and of course loot. The game is free, and comes accompanied by some sweet chiptune music.

Gotcha Warriors XScreenshot (406)

A tower defense game of a different kind, Gotcha Warriors X tasks you with stopping an army of modified zombies being used by Dr. Strange Love to take over the world. You command an army of your own that is made up of heroic warriors from around the world all with special unique attacks and the availability to enhance each one for increased strength and ability. There are over 100 warriors to collect, and plenty of undead zombies to send back to hell. Gotcha Warriors X is free.

Frontline Commando 2Screenshot (411)

The long awaited sequel to the original third person cover shooter from Glu, Frontline Commando 2 is an improvement over the first game in every way. Short of maybe the IAP, which still plague the game. They wouldn't be so bad if certain items we're a little more attainable without having to buy them with real money, but i digress. Minus that one issue, the graphics are better, the controls are more fluid, and you have plenty of squad members, items, and weapons at your disposal to help you through each mission. Playing through campaign missions can help you earn cash and level up you and your squad members. Use the obtained skill points to enhance your players. Even join in the PvP mode against other players online and see who has the strongest squad. For a free-to-play game, Frontline Commando 2 is actually pretty damn fun and worth a look.


Summon MastersScreenshot (412)

This action rpg from Bicore is a mix of action rpg and real-time strategy battles. Build up your battalion with various units which you can upgrade, each unit having different skills and powers. There are over 150 units in total and becoming victorious in battle will require a blend of strategy, the right units, and a little bit of luck. You battalion can have a total of 7 units, and one helper to compete in battles. It boasts action packed online play where you can work with alliances to defeat summoned bosses. Even work with all users to take down world bosses. It has a cool sort of anime style for the characters and it's free.

ThreesScreenshot (415)

Many of you might already be familiar with the puzzle game threes, but for those who haven't yet experienced this addictive magical masterpiece, Threes is tiny little game about matching numbers. You must slide the tiles around to eventually add them together and create numbers that are multiples of three. It's simple yet fun and equally challenging at the same time. If you enjoy puzzle games, definitely give Threes a look.

Buddy And MeScreenshot (417)

Buddy and Me is an adventure game set in a delightfully animated dream world. The art style is just as the developers describe it, reminiscent of classic animated films. In the game, you play as a young boy who returns home every night to re-enter the same dream to play with his imaginary and magical best friend named buddy. Buddy and me is pretty much an endless runner, where you can rack up your score by seeing how far you can go withing this awesome adventure before you wake up from your dream. you can use buddy to your advantage yet you start out by yourself, and together you embark on an magical journey through an enchanted forest with tree house like obstacles and adorable little magic bunnies. Collecting the bunnies extends the limit on your timer, and collecting the stars can allow you to use buddy to fly through the dream. the game will set you back $0.99 but well worth it for the some of the most fun you'll have in a while. Buddy and Me brings out the kid in all of us in the best way possible.


Quiz UpScreenshot (420)

If you're a fan of quizzes and mind boggling trivia questions, you should already be enjoying Quiz Up. It's a trivia game where you have a myriad of different topics to select, from trivia about Friends and Friends Quotes, The Big Lebowski, Android, Video Games, and more. The game is updated constantly to add more trivia categories. When you select a topic you like, you're pitted against an opponent and are given 7 questions to answer in a head to head match up to see who can get the highest score. The first 6 questions give you a normal amount of points ranging from 1-20, with the 7th question being a bonus 2x multiplier. Each round you play will gain you XP to level you up, and work your way towards a new title in that specific category. There are acheivements through Google play games, and you can sign in through Google or Facebook to challenge and play with friends or family. Quiz Up is free.

God Of LightScreenshot (422)

God of Light is an amazing physics puzzle game where you must save the world from impending darkness as the games character called shiny, a little ball of light. Venture through each level looking for objects that can manipulate light in many different ways and use them activate the sources of life, and bring light back to the universe. The game features an original electronic soundtrack by UNKLE, and has 75 levels across 3 different worlds, and boasts google play games achievements and leaderboards. Best of all its free. The only downside is can see is that it doesn't seem to be compatible with the new Nexus 7.

Smash HitScreenshot-313

What could be better than a game that allows you to break tons of glass without any consequences? Smash Hit is pretty simple in terms of what you have to do, but it will get increasingly challenging and even more addictive as you go. The concept as I said is simple, fling little metal balls at glass objects. As you progress through the stages which are separated by checkpoints, more and more glass objects will appear that you can break for more points. Run into any of the glass objects and you will lose a chunk of your health bar. Too many hits and you lose. You also have a set of amount of metal balls to fling, which deplete as you toss them at glass. you can also lose by running out of balls, but you can obtain more by getting combos and more points. The game is easy to play and has a nice atmospheric soundtrack with extremely polished visuals. The game is free, but you can make a one time purchase in the game to unlock the full mode which allows things like restarting from the last checkpoint, as opposed to the beginning of the level.


Mines Of Marsmines of mars

Mines of Mars was our game of the week last week. Its a wonderful little adventure where you play as a miner who get stuck on the surface of Mars. This a great little digging adventure where you can mine for all sorts of raw materials below the surface of Mars, and use those materials to craft items and weaponry like better mining picks with fast and stronger mining power, a handgun, shotgun, and launcher etc. for use against the foul beats that lie in wait, and upgraded space suit parts to help below the surface in the mines. As you plunge deeper into the mines of mars, you'll encounter monsters, tiny little critters, extravagant plant life, big bosses, the brothers and sisters of a tiny little robot that you meet on the surface, and all kinds of secrets and hidden areas. It has a great little story and an endearing and funny dialogue. It will set you back $4.99 to engage in this awesome little adventure.