Tinder Prepares to Launch Verification Method for Celebrity Users


If you happen to be a celebrity who uses Tinder (Ashton Kutcher reads Android Headlines, right?), then here's a bit of good news: CEO Sean Rad has announced that Tinder will soon offer a verification process to its celebrity users, allowing them to bypass the requirement of logging in with a Facebook account. Verification for celebrities on social networks is nothing new, as Twitter has been plopping green checkmarks on the accounts of high-profile people who verify their identity for quite some time.

For the uninitiated, Tinder is a dating and networking app that allows users to swipe through potential matches, swiping right if they're interested in getting to know the person better, or swiping left to move onto the next one. The app pulls information and images from Facebook and uses them to conjure up suggested matches, basing who you see on things like your proximity to one another or mutual friends the two of you share. The app has blown up in a pretty big way too, boasting up to 10 million matches per day.


It's a neat idea, if we're being honest, but celebrities who use the app – such as Ashton Kutcher and Lindsay Lohan – find that they don't get very many matches because users who encounter them during their swiping frenzies assume the profiles are fake. According to Rad, celebrities will soon be able to enter Tinder in a different way, but he didn't get too specific about the verification process. Then again, we suppose a very small percentage of us need to know the ins and outs of the process, so in this case, it's at least somewhat acceptable that Rad is holding back most of the details.

Once the verification process is in place, doesn't that mean the celebrities who use Tinder will suddenly be flooded with an endless amount of new matches and chat requests? Not necessarily, as Tinder requires both users to swipe to the right before one can contact the other. There still isn't any word on when Tinder will receive this new verification feature, so until further notice, it might not be a bad idea to continue swiping with caution when a supposed celebrity pops up. Stay tuned.

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