Android Headliner: What Do You Think About OnePlus And The OnePlus One?

We still know very little about OnePlus and their upcoming smartphone the Oneplus One. Sure they have given us some minor details here and there, but we still lack details that some of us would like to have. Despite the unknown information about OnePlus and the OnePlus One, many people's interests are piqued and some of us can't wait to see what the device has to offer. At first OnePlus was sliding little bits of information our way about what they were doing, like pairing with Cyanogen Inc. to make the second ever phone to run off CyanogenMod right out of the box. As time went on they leaked out little details about the devices specs which definitely gained OnePlus some attention. The most interesting things that OnePlus has set out to do recently might be their ad campaign and contests though.

Just a few short weeks ago, OnePlus took to the social feeds with a stream of Never Settle ads that seemed to be mocking their competitors. They even held a contest for the public, that openly accepted user made submissions following the guidelines of the ads they had previously put out with the same Never Settle statement. It's normal for companies to dish out a gentle ribbing to their competitors, but some felt that OnePlus was taking things too far by mocking other OEMs and their upcoming flagships, when they have yet to release anything of their own. Others thought the campaign was brilliant and took it for what it seemed like at face value, a joke. Whatever your thoughts about the Never Settle images, they brought OnePlus even more attention. The most recent contest has only just started a week ago, and ends on March 28th. The contest asks users to submit a short 15 second video via YouTube or Instagram, that explains their feelings about the OnePlus technology(which we still know very little about, but were learning more as the days go by) in the most creative way possible. The winner gets flown out to Hong Kong all expenses paid(including accommodations for stay during the trip) to be the first to touch the back of the OnePlus One. In addition, the user gets to hang with the OnePlus team, and be the star of the next OnePlus YouTube video. That seems like a huge prize, and from a company who is betting big on their very first ever device. First device or not, OnePlus is confident in everything they have to offer it seems.

Aside from their tactics on advertising the device before its release, the details we do know about the OnePlus One are very intriguing. The key details we have knowledge of are the display, the battery life, the software, and we know a little about the design through the image of the phones design sketch. The device is said to have a Full HD 5.5-inch display, but yet will still be smaller than the Sony Xperia Z1 and its FullHD 5-inch display. When you consider this information along with the sketch of the phones design, it appears that the device will hold some of the slimmest bezels that we've ever seen on a smartphone. We also know that the device will house a 3,100 mAh battery that can not be replaced by the user. It's also said that the device will come in two storage size models, 16GB and 64GB, although there hasn't been any mention yet on the addition or lack of a microSD card slot. Perhaps the most important thing about the device that people want to know is the price, and the availability. The OnePlus One will launch internationally, although specific locations were not mentioned as of yet, and CEO of OnePlus Pete Lao has said that the device will cost under $400. Everything we know so far seems very exciting, and we can't wait to get our first look at the device come next quarter when it's expected to be launched.

What do you think about OnePlus and the OnePlus One? Are they biting off more than can chew or do you think they have a smart strategy in place by charging in headstrong? Do you think the device will be groundbreaking and shake up the industry or do you think it will be well overshadowed by the bigger competitors like the All New One and the Galaxy S5?

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