In Taiwan, HTC One M8 “Demand is Higher Than Supply”

March 31, 2014 - Written By Cory McNutt

The new HTC One M8 was just released last week and was immediately available for online sale at Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile – although Verizon is the only carrier that currently has it in their brick and mortar stores until April 11, then all four carriers will have it in their stores…the same day when Samsung launches its new Galaxy S5. It will be very interesting to see the battle between the two in the U.S…HTC is hoping for a home run with their new HTC One M8.

They can be happy that their One M8 is selling great in their home country of Taiwan – so much so that one source is reporting that the “demand is higher than supply right now.”  Taiwan was chosen as the market for its Asian debut – priced at US$719 for the 16GB model.  In the U.S. and the U.K., the HTC One M8 has been receiving great reviews. Tech reporter Adrian Covert wrote on CNNMoney website under a headline wrote:

“HTC One M8 – the most beautiful smartphone.”  She added: “… the jewel of this year’s HTC One M8 seems to be the same thing that made last year’s HTC One so good: the design. Last year’s phone was beautiful, and this year’s matches — if not improves upon — the quality of last year’s design.  It’s attractive, solid as a tank, and is more comfortable to hold, thanks to the rounded edges on the back half of the phone.”

So far, the U.S. carriers have had no supply issues, hopefully because HTC had enough devices shipped and ready for its debut in the States and not a result of slow sales.  Sales figures, or their estimates, will not be out for a while – but there is definitely a strong interest in the HTC One M8 if the websites are any indication.  HTC and the carriers need to get the word out with some well-placed advertising so the general public has knowledge that this terrific new smartphone is on the market.

The HTC One M8 is definitely an evolutionary upgrade over the HTC One M7 – 20-percent increase in metal casing, 5-inch Full HD display, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800/801 processor clocked at 2.3GHz with 2GB, improved dual stereo speakers – 25-percent louder, larger battery, dual-LED flash, Sense 6.0 and the addition of a Duo Camera, although the main camera is still the 4MP UltraPixel used on last year’s HTC One M7.

Please let us know on our Google+ Page what you think of the new HTC One M8 – are you happy with the upgrades – are you planning on picking one up, or were you hoping for more.