T-Mobile Due To Carry Both The 16GB And 32GB Models Of The Samsung Galaxy S5

April 11th is almost here. Ok not really, it's still under a month away but we're getting there, and with that day comes the launch of the Galaxy S5. The launch is hitting over 150 countries across the globe, and with that launch many carriers will be grabbing this device up to sell in stores. At least three of the major U.S. carriers were reported to be picking up this device for sale on store shelves, Sprint, At&t, and T-Mobile. T-Mobile is the focal point here, as Tmonews is reporting that Big Magenta is going to be carrying both the 16GB and 32GB models of the Galaxy S5 when it launches. So far T-mobile has amassed a large amount of pre-orders for the device which you can still get in on by going to their landing page to sign up for the pre-order, but the fact that they will be carrying both size variants is great news for many people who don't have to worry about being limited to size constraints, or didn't want a larger and more expensive option only.

This information was found within an internal T-Mobile memo, which made its way into the hands of Tmonews employees and now it's here for all you T-Mobile subscribers and fans to see. As you can probably already tell from the memo, Tmo is carrying both size models of the device, but not both will be available in stores. Only the 16GB model seems to be an available option by going into a retail store,(at least for now) while the 32GB model is a web only, but you can still order the 16GB model from the website as well if this is how you normally upgrade or buy your phones.

We can also tell from the image that it looks like T-mobile has grabbed up the white version of the Samsung Galaxy S5, but there is no mention in the memo of whether or not they'll be carrying the other color variations as well. If they do, will all colors be available in both size models? That is another question that we don't know just yet, but as we get closer and closer to the launch of the phone those details will most likely surface.

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