T-Mobile Announces Changes to Simple Choice – Double the Tethering

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On Friday, the Chief Marketing Officer at T-Mobile, Mike Sievert announced some new changes to the Simple Choice plans at T-Mobile. Previously, the entry-level $50 plan came with 500MB of LTE speeds and throttled afterwards, and the $60 plan had 2.5GB of LTE and throttled afterwards, both came with 2.5GB of tethering as well. Now they have doubled all of that. So for $50/month you are getting unlimited talk, text and web, with 1GB of LTE speeds and tethering. That’s a darn good deal. And for $60/month you’re getting unlimited talk, text and web with 3GB of LTE data and  tethering. Now for the $70 plan which is unlimited everything, you are bumped up to 5GB of tethering. These changes will take place on March 23rd.

Additionally, T-Mobile is also adding more countries to their unlimited international texting and over 100 Simple Global countries. There’s a total of 123 now. Of course, only Postpaid Simple Choice customers will get the unlimited data and texting while travelling. Those on prepaid plans won’t be able to enjoy the international roaming. All starting on April 1st. Is it a coincidence that it’s on April Fool’s Day?

It’s a pretty nice change from T-Mobile, especially since they are adding more data to your plan and not changing the price of your plan. It’s kind of hard to say these are bad deals when you’re getting more for less, right? I don’t tether much, but it’s nice to have it available when I need it. And bumping that up to 5GB is definitely nice, for those of us on unlimited. Although, I’d still prefer to have unlimited tethering, but I do understand why they aren’t offering that. T-Mobile is continuing to change the game.

While T-Mobile may not have good service in your area, they are actually helping out everyone. As they are forcing the competitors to change their plans and be more competitive, which helps out everyone. It’s going to be interesting to see what AT&T, Verizon and Sprint in response to these changes.