Sponsored Game Review: Pixtaword: Picture Word Game

Description: Pixtaword is a game for Android that's a simple picture word guessing game that adds a little bit of Instagram to casual gaming. It's like many other games available on Android, but aims to deliver a more photographic-focused experience. Based around photos more than anything else, it's a fun game that has you guessing either what something is, or what the six photos relate to. Broken up into a number of different of categories, there are over 1000 puzzles, with more of them coming all the time.

How it Works: A quick download from the Play Store, and you're ready to play.

All you need to do is fill in what you think it is, and that's that.

Each time you get a question right, you're given 5 coins towards unlocks.

You can change categories at any time by pressing the gear at the top.

Opinion: Pixtaword feels like a familiar game, which is because we've all played games like this one before - they're pretty much all the rage right now with casual users. Pixtaword is however, a little different with more of a focus on honest photography, and just asks you to guess the answer rather than using in-game currency to remove tiles or something similar. It's a nice touch on an already popular genre, and the vast amount of categories on over gives you the opportunity to test your knowledge on a specific topic. I can see something like this being a lot of fun to play with the kids, helping them expand their knowledge of Animals and the World at large.


  • Speed (4/5) - Pixtaword is a quick app that never suffered from any slowdowns when I was testing it, and ran just great.
  • Features (4/5) - A familiar type of puzzle game with lots of photos and categories, Pixtaword is easy to pick up and play and satisfying as well.
  • Theme (4/5) - The app itself is good-looking and questions are well-presented in a pleasing manner.
  • Overall (4/5) - A solid game, Pixtaword is a lot of fun that the kids and adults will both thoroughly enjoy.


  • Lots of different categories on offer giving something for everyone.
  • Over 1,000 puzzles on offer will keep people busy for a long time.
  • Easy enough to pick up and play on the go or at home while nice and comfy.
  • No need to spend hours on each puzzle as nothing's really too difficult.


  • App does look a little like an iPhone app, rather than an Android app.
  • Some of the puzzles might be too easy for some.

Conclusion: Pixtaword is a fun game, even though we've all played this sort of game before, there's enough difference here to make it feel like something else. The idea of infusing a little Instagram into the game works well, and the quality photos make guessing pretty easy to those embedded in popular culture. However, if you find questions too easy, there are a number of different categories to choose from, giving the game a nice dynamic that allows people to test themselves. Perfect for the little ones too, you can play along with them and test them on Animals or Landmarks across the globe. A fun game that's easy to pick up, runs great and looks good.

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