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Description: Match 3 Quest is a new type of puzzle game that aims to bring a little adventure to the Match 3 puzzlers that people have been playing for years now. A mix of RPG, card battler and puzzler, match 3 Quest has a little of something for everyone, and is a fun game to play no matter your device. We've reviewed Match 3 Quest before, and since then there have been some brilliant improvements, we're going to take another look at the game and see what's new, what's updated and review the game for those complete new to the RPG come puzzle game that is Match 3 Quest.

How it Works: If this is your first time playing Match 3 Quest, then you'll need to download the game from the Play Store. After you've done that, you'll be asked to choose a type of Hero, I always stick with the Warrior in these types of games, but there are 24 of them to choose from, so take your time!


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Each of the heroes has a different affinity with the different elements on the battlefield. Speaking of which, you're soon shown the quest map and then put into your first battle which is the tutorial, perfect for newcomers of the game.

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The tutorial eases you through the basics of the game quite quickly. One of those being the ability to brings monsters and others to fight for your cause.

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A new addition to the game is the wheel of fortune, that allows you to spin for more diamonds or more warriors to come fight beside you. It's a nice addition that adds a little more fun to the game.


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Something else that's been improved upon is the ability to tune your warrior by purchasing slots next to ones already unlocked in order to strengthen your fighting capabilities when playing.

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Opinion: I enjoyed Match 3 Quest the first time we took look at it, and since then, I can tell that it's gotten a lot better. The overall level of polish is much better and the game overall feels tighter, more responsive and a lot faster. Besides the improvements though, at its heart Match 3 Quest is just a fun puzzle game that brings meaning to something addictive and simple. Matching 3 things together is hardly exciting, let's face it, but what Match 3 Quest does is breathe new life into that whole thing and delivers a gaming experience that many will be addicted to throughout their time with Match 3 Quest. Something else that I feel has made a big difference are the additions of a ranking system to improve your warrior and the wheel of fortune feature. Both of this add a little more atmosphere to the game and should bring people back to the game everyday.


  • Speed (4/5) – A speedy app, Match 3 Quest doesn't suffer from any slowdowns and everything is smooth and responsive.
  • Features (5/5) – It's not often that puzzle games give you a reason to play them everyday, but the story, the bonuses and the gameplay make Match 3 Quest a habit almost.
  • Theme (4/5) – Good-looking graphics and hand-drawn heroes and monsters make for an eye-pleasing game overall.
  • Overall (4/5) – Match 3 Quest just keeps on getting better and better, with a very active dev team and a whole community behind it, this is one of the better games out there for puzzle and RPG fans alike.


  • Quick tutorial gives you the basics, without getting in your way too much.
  • No complicated controls or anything like that to worry about.
  • Lots of Heroes and Monsters (over 200!) to play with, giving the game a massive variety.
  • Match 3 Quest is a good-looking game that looks good on even Full HD tablets – like the Nexus 7.


  • Can still feel like just another puzzle game at times.
  • Some sort of progression in the leveling system would be nice, rather than just more titles to purchase.

Conclusion: Match 3 Quest is a genuinely fun puzzle game that adds enough new things to the formula to make the game feel fresh again. There's no need to wait around for long turns, no need to learn a rulebook and there's nothing stopping you from becoming one of the best players out there. The game has come a long way in a short period of time and can only get better thanks to the hard working developer team behind the game. It's one of those rare games that has managed to put a number of different genres together and still come out with its own identity, if I had to keep one puzzle game on my device to keep me entertained during long journeys or when tricky 3D games have me frustrated, I would choose this.


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