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Description: Helidroid 3 is a game for Android that puts you in control of three different remote control helicopters and challenges you to complete a number of different tasks and levels depending on which helicopter you're using. There's a military helicopter, a skylift helicopter and a fire helicopter. Each one will give you different types of missions to complete. In a refreshing move, Helidroid 3 is a completely free game – supported by ads of course – with no in-app purchases or anything of the sort. With a free-flight mode available too, you can simple fly around the environment given to you. Which includes a pool, the house and all of the rooms inside all 3D-modeled with furnishings. If you like the sound of Helidroid 3, read on to find out if it's any good.

How it Works: Once you've downloaded the game from the Play Store, you're ready to start flying.


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It's a good idea to start playing with the tutorial, especially if you haven't played before. You can choose your control type as well before you take to the skies. The tutorial will put you in the pilot seat of a military helicopter and give you the chance to explore your surroundings and get used to the controls before you head on to other missions.

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When playing proper missions, you'll be tasked with all sorts of different things. Like flying through rings as fast as you can.

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There are more adventurous missions as well, like having to lift cans using a magnet and more.


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At the end of each level you're given a rating out of three stars and the ability to try again.

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The more you play, the more interesting the missions become, like this mission that asks you to shoot down houses of cards inside the house.

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Opinion: How often have you wanted to mess around with a remote control helicopter? If you're anything like me, then the answer is: a lot. Thanks to Helidroid 3, you can have a lot of fun with remote control helicopters and you don't even have to convince the wife to let you buy one. It's a whole lot of fun and the overall variety of missions is a nice change of pace from games that just up the ante when you complete each mission. It's not a perfect game, the controls are a little finnicky, but there's more than enough to keep most people busy for hours here, and let's face it: remote helicopters are cool.


  • Speed (4/5) – Helidroid 3 runs great and I had no issues on a number of devices.
  • Features (4/5) – For a completely free game, Helidroid 3 has a lot to offer and the variety of missions is certainly satisfying that's for sure.
  • Theme (4/5) – With some decent 3D graphics and a believable physics system, there's little to complain about here.
  • Overall (4/5) – While not perfect, Helidroid 3 does a good job of creating a free game with some decent 3D graphics, fun missions and a whole lot of charm.


  • Lots of missions included, each with a new challenge for the player.
  • Charming 3D graphics have that Indie feel but hold up well even on tablets.
  • No need to pay up for in-app purchases or anything like that, this is a free game with some ads to put up with.
  • Believable physics for the helicopters and other in-game objects.


  • Controls can be a little finnicky, especially on larger devices.
  • A more involved tutorial would help create better flyers out of us all.

Conclusion: Helidroid 3 is a free game that features some decent 3D graphics and a good variety of missions. It's a lot of fun, and will especially appeal to those who have latched on to the whole RC helicopter, quadrocopter phase that's been going around these past few years. As an Android game, it's easy enough to get to grips with and while we wish the controls were a little more forgiving, there's not too much complain about. A fun game that's completely free and is genuinely a little different, what more can we ask for?




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