Sponsored Game Review: Cloud Maze


Description: Cloud Maze is a puzzle game for Android that looks relaxing, but can be quite difficult. The aim of the game is to match clouds together to complete a pattern that you're shown. It's a quick and simple puzzle game that seems relaxing, but can be quite difficult, indeed. However, with that said Cloud Maze is a fresh, good-looking game that doesn't take itself too seriously. With 250 levels on offer, there's a whole lot of clouds to match here. A good-looking game that's light and airy as the clouds you need to match, is Cloud Maze any fun?

How it Works: Before you can answer that question for yourself, you'll need to download the game from the Play Store. After that, you're ready to play.


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Straight away you can see that the game is designed to look calm and relaxing, but don't let that fool you. The tutorial you then go through is nice and easy to deal with.

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As you progress through the levels, you'll come across clouds that need to be highlighted twice, requiring a loop. This mechanic starts off easy at first, but quickly makes you think more carefully about how to loop specific clouds and not everything.

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The further you get through the levels, the more difficult the game becomes overall, however it still retains its relaxing look and feel.


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Opinion: These sort of games have been done a number of time before, but that doesn't stop them from being any less fun. In fact, Cloud Maze is perhaps one of the more approachable puzzle games I've played in a while. After all, it's light and airy appearance is calming and really gives the impression that this is a game to relax with, however this isn't something puzzle diehards will find easy. It's an incredibly difficult game when you get into the higher levels, which is just as well it looks calm and peaceful as you might find yourself very frustrated, indeed. A game that looks peaceful, Cloud Maze hides a dangerously difficult set of puzzles that even veterans will find difficult.


  • Speed (4/5) – With no time limit, and a speedy app presenting everything Cloud Maze is a smooth app.
  • Features (4/5) – These sort of match games have already been done a number of times over, but Cloud Maze is relaxing, approachable and a lot of fun. With a difficulty that keeps on going up and up, there's a lot to sink your teeth into here.
  • Theme (5/5) – Sure, there's not much going on in the animations or anything, but the game's theme is easy on the eye and looks nice no matter what.
  • Overall (4/5) – Cloud Maze is a familiar game dressed up in a calm set of clothes that should appeal to all puzzle players, old or young. With enough of a challenge for avid puzzle players.


  • Easy and approachable, anybody of any age can enjoy puzzles with Cloud Maze.
  • 250 levels on offer will keep players busy for a good long while.
  • Free games often feel unfinished, or unpolished. Cloud Maze could definitely go further but it ticks a lot of the right boxes.
  • There are hints on offer if you feel like a level is just too difficult to handle.


  • Some of the beginning puzzles could be too easy for some.
  • Puzzles are nice to look at, but could get a little samey after a while.

Conclusion: Cloud Maze is a fun game, there are no doubts there, but it's perhaps not a game for seasoned puzzlers. After all, it's easy to see why this would appeal to a younger audience. That's not a bad thing however, as it's so approachable quite literally anybody could play it, but they'll soon start to feel the difficulty ramp up and present a very real challenge. So, what we have here in Cloud Maze is a puzzle game that doesn't try too hard, and doesn't pretend to be anything more than it is. A free and fun game that doesn't ask too much of the player, an easy recommendation for some light entertainment, as well as a real brain teaser at the end of a stressful day.