Sponsored App Review: Retro UI Go Apex Nova Theme


Description: Retro UI is a Hi-Res icon pack with HD wallpapers for many popular launchers like Go Launcher, Apex Launcher, Launcher Pro and more. With a circular and flat look, Retro UI has a vintage faded touch to it and will appeal to everyone looking for a fresh new look. With more than 930 icons and 12 wallpapers included in the app, there's more than enough on offer here for those looking to theme their homescreens. With a flat and digital look that retains some charm, Retro UI is available for pretty much any launcher out there. Read on to find out how we like it.

How it Works: Depending on which launcher you have installed, Retro UI should work just fine. It's designed to work with the likes of Apex, Go and pretty much all major launchers. To see if it works with your launcher though, you should try out a free version of another theme to see if it works. If it does, go ahead and purchase the paid version to get all of the icons and wallpapers to use. The theme also contains a simple dashboard which helps you apply theme, set wallpaper and email developer for support with ease.


Screenshot 2014-03-26 at 16.52.45

As you can see, there's a vast array of icons included with Retro UI, and there's pretty much an icon for every common app. With weekly updates there's more icons to be added.



With some excellent choice of HD wallpapers, the icon-wallpaper combo guarantees to put you on top of
the style.


Opinion: One of the biggest things we love about Android is the ability to customize the look and feel of our smartphones or tablets, and thanks to the flexibility of Android we have tons of choice. Retro UI is a good-looking theme pack with almost a thousand icons to spice up your homescreen and app drawer. With a vintage faded look, it's subtle enough that it doesn't stand out too much, but it's got enough flare to jazz up your device. My favorite part of the theme pack are the wallpapers, which look stunning on my G Pad.



  • Speed (4/5) – Setup is quick and easy and there's nothing that slows your device down here.
  • Features (5/5) – With almost a thousand icons and 13 wallpapers, there's enough on offer here to form a complete icon pack for all your needs.
  • Theme (5/5) – The vintage, faded look is unique and the circle icons form a nice uniform look and feel, saving you from different icons shapes that make your app drawer a mess.
  • Overall (5/5) – A great-looking theme that works with the vast majority of launchers and brings a unique style to your launcher, Retro UI is an excellent icon and theme pack.


  • Easy to setup and works with the vast majority of launchers available today.
  • Looks good no matter what device you're using, be it HTC, Samsung or something else.
  • No need to install a specific launcher, use whatever one you like.
  • With 930 icons and 13 wallpapers there's more than enough on offer here to give your device a facelift.


  • More wallpapers would be nice.
  • A square option to change things up could work well.

Conclusion: Retro UI is a great-looking icon pack that works with pretty much any launcher you can throw at it and looks excellent in the process. The vintage faded look is real nice, and I am loving these wallpapers. With very little to complain about, the only reason you have not to like and use Retro UI is down to your own poor taste, but we suspect our readers know better and will love using Retro UI.