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Description: Just 6 Weeks is an Android app that aims to help you get fit in, you guessed it, 6 weeks or less. It's an interesting approach to these sorts of workout programs that we've been seeing for years now and the app setting for this is a well thought out implementation. We all use our smartphones on a daily basis, we do pretty much everything using our smartphones. As such, the thinking here is that you're more inclined to use your smartphone to help you get fit, three times a day. There are five fitness programs included in the app, of which you can use any combination you like. You can have the app remind you when it's time to workout and there's a rest timer built-in to the app. A simple and easy-to-use interface is what you'll be using in order to track your progress and keep on top of your schedule.


How it Works: To try out the app, you can download the free version, but the Pro version of the app contains a lot more. Download one of those before you do anything else. When you first start the app, you'll notice that there are a number of different programs on offer to you.


Depending on how confident you feel with your level of fitness, or what equipment you have around the house will determine which one you should start with. As a young male who isn't all that athletic, the only thing I feel confident in doing are push-ups, so I'll choose those for now. Once you've chosen, you will be given some advice to read.



Here, it's important to be open and honest about your capability, if you pick the wrong bracket to make yourself feel better, you could end up doing more exercise a day, and give up before your six weeks are up. Which would defeat the whole point of using the app. Once you start, you'll be given a group of push-ups to complete, once done just hit the button and your rest time will begin.



How long your rest time is will depend on a number of things, but it's all been worked out by the developer to be accurate and tailored to your results. At the end of each workout, you're given the option to redo the workout or set a reminder.

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You can take a look at your statistics for each program from the main menu, too.


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Just 6 Weeks is an app that obviously takes time, but even once you've finished your first 6 weeks, you can return to do another round of fitness training, this time around you'll be able to do more in each program, and perhaps do programs that you just couldn't do in the first place.

Opinion: Let's be honest, if you're heavily interested in technology or gaming, then chances are you're nowhere near as active as you should be. I need to lose weight, and while I'm not a heavy snacker, my diet is not brilliant and well, I do this I like; I type and sit in my chair. So, I will genuinely being using Just 6 Weeks for the next six weeks. Hopefully, I will see the same sort of results that others have done in the Play Store reviews. It's a simple program that quite literally anybody could stick to and it doesn't judge, or point the finger, it just helps you to stick to a schedule that you yourself set.



  • Speed (4/5) – Just 6 Weeks runs great and there were no issues with the app.
  • Features (5/5) – There's actually not that much on offer here, it's more to do with how it's presented, and the fact that the app gets out of your way to empower you, rather than just point the finger.
  • Theme (4/5) – A decent-looking app that will look good on most phones and has a bit of color to it, there's not much to complain about here.
  • Overall (4/5) – If you have three days a week where you can spare 10 or 20 mins and you want to get fitter without a gym, without equipment, then this is the app for you – go ahead and try it!


  • Easy enough for anyone to learn how to use.
  • Goals are easily met by the vast majority of people, and it scales nicely depending on your fitness level.
  • Different exercises still use a familiar interface, which reduces any chance of confusion when going from push-up to pull-up.
  • Pro version hardly costs anything, and this app can be used six weeks after the first six weeks, and so on to keep fit.


  • Way to share results with others would be good – it's easier to lie to ourselves than to loved ones.
  • Sport related activities could encourage people more to keep at it for the first six weeks.

Conclusion: Just 6 weeks is a genuinely good app for those looking to get fit. It actually doesn't offer that much in the way of original features, it's more to do with how they're presented to the user and the fact that this can be used by the vast majority of people. There's honest advice here that doesn't point the finger, and rather lets you get on with it, unlike other similar apps. A great app for those with three days a week to spare ten or so minutes in order to get fit. The only problem with Just 6 Weeks? Us.


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