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Description: Tomatoes is a simple grocery list app for Android that aims to make forming shopping lists that much easier. Thanks to the minimalist design using stock Android guidelines, Tomatoes is a simple, good-looking app that's easy to understand, with little in the way of stopping you quickly and easily creating your next shopping list. Where Tomatoes differs from other simple apps is by offering a list of common shopping objects, like fruit and vegetables, beer and wine and others in order to help you quickly put together a shopping list. More than though, you can duplicate lists and by paying a small fee you can easily create as many lists as you want. As well as being able to select from a predefined list, you can add whatever you want to your lists, your favorite cooking sauce for instance. Take a look at the trailer below and read on for more.

How it Works: To get started with Tomatoes, all you need to do is download the Grocery List from the Play Store and then sign in. Signing in helps to keep your lists backed up and synced across multiple devices. While the app is free to download, you can only create one list in the free version, with more lists an inexpensive in-app purchase. The kind developers behind Tomatoes have teamed up with us to a promo code, which can be used to unlock multiple lists for free! Simply add the code AHTOMATOES into the app (valid until April 7th) and you'll be able to add as many lists as you like!


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The app goes through the process of setting up your first list, but really everything is incredibly well laid out to just add stuff to your list.

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You can add from a predefined list of goods or simply write whatever you want in. I find the predefined list very helpful for quick staples, like meat and fruit.

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Expanding on the predefined list of products is the Suggested Products feature. How many times have you written down to buy coffee, but then forget you want milk to go with that? Suggested products aims to put a stop to that, by showing products similar to that you just added to your list. I'm a big coffee drinker here, with my own machine and everything, but I don't take milk. As such I'm likely to forget to add milk to my list, with Tomatoes however I'm easily reminded.


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When you have a list put together, all you need do is tick a chosen item and it will be sent to the bottom of the list.

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You can even add the price and then save the list in a history folder, great for those looking to keep on top of their grocery budget.

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Opinion: I'm a forgetful person, by nature. So, I always love to use these sort of apps when I hit the store, however I often end up being too lazy to type everything in – I type all day for a living, so typing some more to then go shopping is not my idea of fun. With Tomatoes however, I can simply add a list of the staples like beer and wine, fruit, meat and more to my list. Then, I can type in the few specials I have to pick up and I have a list done in no time. From there, I can then save my list for future reference, as well as duplicate a list if I went shopping for a specific recipe, so I can get the right ingredients once again. It's hard to get excited about shopping lists, but Tomatoes has me excited because I won't have to laboriously put together another shopping list from scratch, and when I do I can save it for next week, and the week after.



  • Speed (4/5) – Tomatoes is a speedy app, and as it works offline there's never any waiting around for your cell reception.
  • Features (4/5) – Grocery shopping isn't sexy, and list apps aren't either. However, Tomatoes is so simple and feature-rich that you'll become a smarter shopper with this installed.
  • Theme (4/5) – With a green look and an emphasis on standard Android design, Tomatoes fits in well with pretty much any phone out there and looks good in the process.
  • Overall (4/5) – Tomatoes is a well put together app that takes the best bits of other grocery list apps to come up with something worthwhile and genuinely useful.


  • Easy to use without the need to jump through hoops to get started.
  • Simple, yet good-looking UI gets the job done.
  • Plus icon on each list makes forming a list super-easy.
  • Predefined items help make a solid shopping list on the fly without taking forever to type up a list.


  • Theme support would be nice, as it'd be nice to change the color of the app.
  • Ability to share lists with other accounts, like family members, would be great, however this would be difficult to do.

Conclusion: Tomatoes is a great app that those looking for a new type of grocery list app should definitely pay attention to. With no hoops to jump through, and a focus on clean and simple design there's a lot to love here. The predefined items list is great, and helps making a shopping list real quick and easy, so too is the ability to save lists or duplicate them for future reference. An altogether very good app, shoppers everywhere will be pleasantly surprised by Tomatoes.


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