Sponsored App Review: Dreamdays Countdown

Description: With all of the calendar applications available on Android and iOS these days, it might be difficult to think we need an app to countdown to events. However, the fact remains that these simple apps can be genuinely useful and a lot of fun. It's fun to count down to the days till Christmas with the kids, or when that big summer holiday is rolling around. There's no need for these apps to be overly complicated and instead, "days until" is a more emotional factor than it is anything else. Which makes an app like Dreamdays Countdown a joy to use. Aimed at creating a pleasant, good-looking experience to countdown to some of those events you're looking forward to the most. What was once a very popular iPhone-only app has finally made its way to Android, but is it welcome?

How it Works: You'll need to download the app from the Play Store, once you do you'll be able to see a list of demo countdowns in there that you can take a look at.

You can easily delete these by going in to each one and selecting delete, it's also very easy to create your own event as well.

You can even choose your own special background if you like, but there's not too much need as there are some very good-looking ones inside of the app.

Once you've finished your countdown, it'll look something like this.

There are a number of categories inside of the app, and you can have dreamdays send you a notification when an event has arrived. You can even leave a voice recording if you like.

Opinion: I'm not all that much of a sentimental person or anything, but I can see this sort of thing having its place. After all, it is nice to think of what's to come and looking at a calendar isn't all that exciting, things that are months away won't come into vision until very near the time. Which is where I can see this being of some genuine use. I'm terrible with dates, you would think someone like myself would be better with technology but the more digital organization becomes, the more easy it is for me to forget. So, an app like this can tell me exactly how long left I have to deal with things before an event, date or party.


  • Speed (4/5) - Everything runs great with this and there were no slowdowns with the app.
  • Features (4/5) - It might not be for everyone, and its usage is definitely pretty narrow, but it does work well and it's definitely good-looking.
  • Theme (5/5) - With a simple, clean interface that celebrates your upcoming dates and event, Dreamdays Countdown is a very good-looking app, indeed.
  • Overall (4/5) - A good app that looks good, is easy to use and has a modern interface, Dreamdays Countdown isn't for everyone, but it's a good bit of fun for very little.


  • Clean and modern interface is pleasing on the eye.
  • Lots of categories and the ability to create your own for events.
  • Notifications for when the event is near.
  • Good-looking countdown photos that make it fun to show off to friends, and you can even choose your own.


  • Can feel a little like an iPhone app at times.
  • Some more built-in photos would look very good.

Conclusion: Dreamdays Countdown is a fun little app that looks good, works well and for those that love to look forward to things. Sure, this is an app that might appeal more to a younger audience, but there's definitely some charm here and it's a good-looking app overall. A simple and fun app that works well, there's not much more you can ask for here. Dreamdays Countdown can be download from the Google Play Store by clicking the link below.

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