Send Photos To Your Future Self With Throwback

Have you ever wanted to truly future proof your photos? Well now you can with Throwback. If you're not simply content with just taking your photos to save and cherish, Throwback can help liven up your pictures by sending your photos to the future. It's an app that thrives on the success of surprise and nostalgia. The idea with Throwback is simple. You take a picture, and instead of saving it to your phone Throwback will hurl that bad boy into the future where the picture will await it's time to be sent to you. After some time passes, which could be as early as a month down the line from when the photo was originally taken, Throwback will then send you a picture that was taken from the past to let you relive the good moments.

The app sounds pretty cool right? Throwback was actually launched over a year ago, but has just now landed on Android so those of us who sport the little green robot will now be able to get a taste of how the app works. Throwback gives you two options for sending photos in the future. You can either take a photo which doesn't get saved anywhere to the device, or you can select a picture from your gallery. There are a few other elements to the app, like choosing who to send the picture to which is done by selecting emails, and how long you want it to be before Throwback sends the photos out. As I stated earlier the pictures can be sent as early as one month, or you can push that time out to as long as five years from the time you set things up.

Five years is a long time to wait, but if you find a great picture that you just know will be perfect for sometime that far down the line, it'll certainly end up being a surprise and who knows, it just might put a smile on your face if you're having a bad day. When selecting to either "capture" a photo or "grab the past", Throwback will then give you the option to set the time in which to send the photo with three category options titled "date", "range", and "surprise". Range is the one we talked about above where you can set the picture to show up somewhere between a month and five years, and date lets you select the exact date that picture will show up, while surprise should be pretty self explanatory in that it sends the picture at a random time completely unknown to you. Throwback is free, and it's available now if you're ready to get things going.

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