Samsung's S View Covers to See Two-Window Design in Future Iterations?


Accessories are quickly becoming as essential as the devices they are designed to accompany.  Such is the case (all pun intended) with Samsung's S View Flip Cover series, which might soon see an interesting addition if the latest patent acquisition for the Korean smartphone maker is any indicator. According to the patent, it looks like Samsung has a design with two cut-out windows in the works, as opposed to the traditional one-window covers we've seen in the past.  The addition of a second window would conceivably bring additional functionality to the table by increasing the amount of tasks users can complete without opening the cover.

On existing S View covers, the window displays missed events and has camera controls, action memo, music player and more.  You can also change the display's background color to compliment your phone's overall color scheme.  S View covers for the Note 3 even allow you to use the device's stylus with the cover closed. In my personal experiences, S View covers are nice, but the flip cover itself can get in the way at times, so I've never managed to keep one on for an extended period of time. At this point, it's too early to tell exactly what to look forward to, in terms of added features and functions, but it is safe to assume that the covers are intended for devices with larger screens.  And given the timeframe, it wouldn't surprise us one bit if they were ready for release somewhere close to this year's Galaxy Note 4, which should be announced sometime later this fall.  Take that into account with the photo below, which looks like there's a spot carved out at the bottom for a stylus, and there's lots of reason to believe that we might be getting our first look at the next iteration of the S View Flip Cover series.


We'll be sure to keep an eye out for any further details that come down the pipeline here, but for now, readers, what do you think?  Do you already own an S View cover?  If so, do you like it? Also, what kinds of features or functionality would you like to see added in a two-window design scheme? Drop us a comment in the thread below.  We'd love to hear your two cents.


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