Samsung Takes on the iPad, the Surface and the Kindle in Latest Ad

It's been a while since we have seen some attack ads, and that could be due to all the launches and announcements. However, since Samsung is just about finished announcing for 2014, it is time they put some fuel behind their products. What better way than some attack ads focused on the competition? Actually, there is a better way.

We have seen Samsung attack one company at a time, but the new ad by Samsung attacks, not only one company. Actually, Samsung is attacking almost all of their competition in the tablet markets. In this ad, we see cameos from Apple and the iPad, Microsoft and the Surface, and Amazon with the Kindle.

The point of this ad, is to let you know that all of the competition falls short of the Samsung tablet. More specifically, the Galaxy Tab Pro Series, at least that's the tablet titled at the end. No matter what, the point is that Samsung tablets can do more than other tablets. Lets take a look at what they mention as an argument for each competitor.

When it comes to the iPad, which is mentioned a couple of times in the commercial, the Samsung tablet has more pixels, and therefore is better than the retina display of the iPad. Also, it can do more with apps and has more capabilities than the iPad like multiwindow options. When they shut down the Surface, they are essentially asking us, "Do you really think that's a tablet?" With the mouse, and battery pack and all of the cables, they suggest that the Surface is a laptop. A laptop with too many connected parts and options to be called a tablet.

Then there is the Kindle, which doesn't stand a chance in this commercial. They point out that the Kindle is only for books. Done. Books. Though this commercial is fun to watch, especially the Apple part, is the question you need to ask yourself is, "Does Samsung have room to talk?" At the end of the day, this commercial is basically just ringing the bell, and Samsung's way of saying, "let the games begin!"

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