Samsung Shows off a Wide Variety of Galaxy S5 Cases


The Samsung Galaxy S5 is launching at the beginning of next month, and for those of you picking up the device (which is sure to fall on the more expensive end of the spectrum), packing it away behind a protective case may not be a bad idea. Unsurprisingly, with each new smartphone announcement comes a never-ending stream of accessories for it, and it's no different with the Galaxy S5. Today Samsung revealed a line of official protective cases for the phone, and they come in a range of styles and colors.

The first case we'll cover is the only truly protective offering of the bunch – while the other flip cases in Samsung's arsenal will likely offer some protection from damage, the "Protective Hard Case Cover Plus" is more concerned with function over form. This appears to only be available in gray and is designed to protect against impacts, so those who lead a rough-and-tumble lifestyle will probably want to consider this over the others.

Next up is Samsung's collection of S View cases for the Galaxy S5. These S View cases come in two varieties: one offers wireless charging functionality, while the other set doesn't. Aside from wireless charging, both sets are functionally the same, offering a window that allows you to view roughly half of your phone's screen while the flip cover is closed. This means you can view incoming calls, messages, and notifications without flipping the case open. All of the cases are made of "high quality synthetic leather materials," and come in a few different color options. If you opt for a wireless charging S View case, you'll have your choice of white or black, while those who pick up a standard S View case will be able to choose from blue-black, topaz blue, rose gold, white, or our personal favorite, glam pink.



Finally, we come to the Flip Wallet Cover. Similar in many ways to the S View covers we just told you about, this group trades out the viewing window in favor of a card slot, allowing you to store your ID or credit cards with your phone and cut down on the amount of stuff you carry on your person. Aside from that, there doesn't seem to be much difference between these and the S View cases, though it should be noted that these wallet cases don't come with wireless charging capabilities.

Online retailer MobileFun says some of these cases will be launching in 2-3 weeks, while others will be launching in about two months. According to the retailer, US prices for these accessories come in at $76.99 for the S View wireless charging cases, $62.99 for the standard S View cases, $41.99 for the Flip Wallet Cover, and $27.99 for the Hard Case Cover Plus. Do you think you'll be picking up one of these cases for your Galaxy S5, or will you take a less expensive route on your quest for protection?


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