Samsung Says Their New Chromebook Will Perform 125% Better Than Its Predecessor

As a proud owner of a Chromebook, I did quite a lot of research and study into how Chromebooks work and what kind of specifications each had under the hood. Chromebooks, in my humble opinion, are a great investment. I think that they are the beginning of a movement to cloud computing that will not be slowing down any time soon. Google's suite of apps that allow users to do most basic tasks purely from the web meshes nicely with the concept of a desktop, laptop or netbook designed to run an OS based out of a web browser. This combination of cloud services tied to systems that are designed to be fast to boot up and running speed is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with. Anyone looking into a Chromebook is getting in on the ground floor something that will become amazing in the future. And if Amazon having Samsung Chromebooks listed as a best-selling item on their site isn't enough indication, Chromebooks on the whole are gaining traction within the low-end laptop market.

That's not to say Chrome OS and Chromebooks on the whole haven't been without their faults. It's just to say that the gains have, at least for me, outweighed the currently (soon to be eliminated) weaknesses. At the time that I was taking my first look at Chromebooks, Samsung had designed a number of them already. The Samsung Series 5 550 Chromebook was easily one of their best, with a 12.1 inch display and an Intel Celeron processor under the hood. It also featured with 4GB of RAM, which allowed for more tabs to be open at any one time. The second design from Samsung was then simply called the Samsung Chromebook. It was a slimmed down version of its predecessor being physically smaller and featured an ARM processor instead of an Intel Celeron, which led to no moving parts whatsoever. Samsung also reduced the amount of RAM to 2GB. 

Now, Samsung has recently announced that they will be releasing a new Chromebook, the Samsung Chromebook 2. Samsung is boasting that its latest model Chromebook will have and Octa-core processor, enabling it to bolster a 125% performance increase over the current model Samsung Chromebook. The Chromebook 2 from Samsung will contain more RAM, more processor cores and will therefore possibly run smoother and stronger. An increase of this nature will allow the new Chromebook to be able to handle more tabs, more processes and more sites that are JavaScript intensive. How Samsung will achieve this will be having four ARM Cortex A15 core processors at 1.9 Ghz and 4 Cortex A7 core processors at 1.3 Ghz. Samsung is not going to leave the 13.3 inch Samsung 2 out of the picture as it will have the same processors, but the larger A15 cores will be clocked a little higher. This means a better experience with the OS as a whole. So, given Samsung's impressive claim, what do you think? Are you planning on getting a Samsung Chromebook 2 or upgrading to one? Let us know in the comments below or over on Google+!

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