Samsung Hires Proctor And Gamble's VP Of Beauty Care For Their New VP OF Marketing

Samsung's new devices have garnered a set of mixed results. Some people love the new design of the Galaxy S 5, some hate it. Others are more keen on the new design of the Gear 2, along with the Gear 2 Neo and Gear Fit smart band. Although Samsung probably won't have much trouble selling these devices once they launch, Samsung has gone ahead and hired a new Vice President of Marketing to help with the way that consumers engage with it's products. Vince Hudson, who used to be the VP of Procter and Gamble's Beauty Care Division will be the newly appointed VP of marketing for Samsung, taking charge of things like product launches, and of course the marketing operations for Samsung USA.

Pulling someone from a company that used to be VP of a brand division who's focus was on beauty is a strange move, but there must be some method to Samsung's madness right? Beauty can be tied into health, and health and fitness are major focuses of Samsung this time around for all four of their new devices that were unveiled at Mobile World Congress. The Samsung Galaxy S 5, both Gear 2 smartwatches, and the Gear Fit smart band all have heart rate sensors on them, and all provide features to users that are focused heavily on the health and fitness aspects of their daily lives. Was Samsung smart to hire someone that could bring a beauty care perspective to the fashion and fitness elements of their new products? Time will tell if their plan for a new VP of marketing with Vince's background will pay off, but it doesn't seem like a half bad idea. Samsung spends billions on their marketing efforts every year, so with this new potential beauty/fitness/fashion approach, marketing the products to customers with this in mind could prove to be greatly successful.

The beauty and fashion, as well as the fitness industries are big with people the world over. It's definitely an odd stance to take, but by marketing that their products could enhance the health and wellness as well as the fashion parts of people's lives, Samsung will be effectively telling the world that their new devices can help people get and stay fit, and look good while doing it.

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