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The Samsung Galaxy S5 is receiving a lot of attention lately. It was just announced at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) and was immediately ridiculed by the press and critics, especially the "band-aid" look of the back of the device. There was also widespread criticism that it was really just a rehashed Galaxy S4 and brought nothing new to the table, while at the same time praising LG's efforts for their new LG G Pro 2 which, other than a larger screen (5.9-inches vs 5.2-inches) and 1GB more memory, has pretty much the same specifications of the Galaxy S5 – although it actually competes more with the Galaxy Note 3. Both are Full HD (and actually because of the size, the S5 would have more  PPI), both are plastic, both use a Snapdragon processor, but the S5 uses the slightly faster 801, and camera-wise, the LG is using a 13MP with OIS and the S5 is using a 16MP without OIS. However, the LG is receiving high praise and the Galaxy S5 is being criticized, although the more the Galaxy S5 is being scrutinized, the more it is starting to look like a solid entry into the 2014 market…and you can always add a case on the device to cover the back of the phone.

This article is covering the camera in more detail and it looks like the observers are very impressed with the pictures coming from Samsung's latest effort. This camera and available features are taking photography on an Android device to a whole new level – a Russian website has posted many pictures showcasing the capabilities are of this new 16MP camera. Keep in mind that these are the demo-pictures so obviously they will look nice, but they give you an idea of just some of the built-in features of this new Galaxy S5 camera.


The first thing you will notice about the new Galaxy S5's camera is the speed – there are no slowdowns and everything seems to happen instantaneously.  The camera starts immediately and the focus – presented as 0.3 seconds – just feels fast, certainly much faster than Samsung's previous cameras.  The S5's camera has a number of new modes, and there are even more available from Samsung's website – some free and some will cost you a buck or two.

The first group of pictures in the gallery is just regular point and shot – no special effects are used.  Next there are two pictures that shows the before and after when you use the Galaxy S5's new rich tone HDR+ feature, which is an improvement over the standard HDR – the new HDR+ works in real-time as you take the picture.  The last couple of photos use the new Selective Focus feature that really adds the feeling of depth to your picture – and the crazy thing is, you can select the focal point even AFTER the picture is taken!

If you want to see more options and shots, click on the source at the bottom of this article – there you can see more examples of what I have shown you, as well as examples of the following Modes – Drama Shot, Panning Shot, Panoramic views, Double Images, and Virtual Tour photos.


Please let us know on our Google+ Page what you think about the photo shots from the new Galaxy S5 – are you still hating Samsung, disappointed in them, or are you coming around to their new S5.

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