Samsung Creates Galaxy S5 Experience App To Show People What They're Missing Out On

Is this some sort of trick? Nope, it's just Samsung's latest strategy to attempt to convince customers to buy their latest flagship device. Samsung really believes in their new device, the Galaxy S5, so much so that they're willing to tell you what you're current phone is missing by presenting it to you with an app that you can install on your current phone. The Galaxy S 5 Experience, as it's being called, sounds more like some sort of weird documentary or even a low budget Sci-Fi flick, but we assure you it is every bit not those things in the slightest. The app goes into detail about some of the most attractive features of the Galaxy S5 with menus and highlights of each one. You can select your category for the feature you want to know more about, and Samsung has graciously provided big beautiful images along with a description of the feature so it can shift the spotlight onto how great it would be, if you owned the phone that had them of course.

The app provides you with different categories to select from so you can learn more about the specific details that you want to pinpoint first. Perhaps you're really interested in one certain feature of the phone and want to know more. The categories listed are camera, speed, fitness, life, gear, and more, which consists of subcategories called additional features, gallery and accessories, just in case you wanted to check any of those out. Upon glancing through each category I found that there were hands on videos in most of them, as well as an option called Experience that walks you through an interactive slideshow on key details surrounding that specific feature.

Is this a genius move on Samsung's part to rope more people in? You be the judge. It wouldn't be surprising though if this app helped them sell quite a few more handsets. Should any potential customer have missed any of the big announcements surrounding the phone, not to worry because they can learn about it here. And.. all the details are available right from people's finger tips. They don't have to do anything special to track down hands on videos or details about certain features. This won't be getting me to buy a Galaxy S 5 which is the intended purpose for the app, but it is well designed and put together nicely. The images are beautiful especially in immersive mode, and the hands on stuff is useful, jumping you straight to YouTube to watch the videos. If you were on the fence about the Galaxy S5 and want to know more, you can download the Galxay S5 Experience app free from the Play Store.

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