Samsung Announces their Free Streaming Music Service Called Milk

Samsung has just announced a brand new streaming music service - not like we didn't already have enough of them - and it's called Milk. That's right, Samsung is calling it Milk. There are a couple of catches with their Milk streaming music service, which include it only being in the US and only working on Samsung phones.

Samsung states that they are calling this service "Milk" because it's "fresh and organic". Milk is a genre-based streaming app powered by Slacker. You can use the dial interface which has haptic feedback, to load up a station and let it play all day long. Samsung has added over 200 stations and you can customize the dial to include whatever you want. Additionally you can build stations and mark tracks as favorites. Milk also includes sliders for each station to fine-tune the frequency of popular, new and favorite tracks. Milk is completely free and offers unlimited streaming, however there are no offline caching options so far. Milk Music lets you skip up to six songs per hour - kind of reminds me of Pandora. It will also pre-cache the first eight seconds of your station when the app is launched so you are able to start playing your music instantly.

So far there is no tablet support, and no ads. However, we're sure both will come pretty soon. Especially if Milk Music becomes rather popular. We've got  a video down below where Samsung is showing off how the app works and such, so you can check that out. You can also download it from the source links below.

It sounds like a good competitor to Pandora, but then it's for Samsung devices only, which has been one of Samsung's favorite lines lately. I know they have the most users, but c'mon. They are still missing out on a bunch of users. That and it's US only as well, which kind of sucks, but hopefully that will change rather soon. How many of you are going to check out Milk Music?

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