Rumor Suggests Google Now Getting New Reminder Setting

Google Now is fast becoming one of the biggest parts of Android. HTC possibly working on a Google Now Smart watch, desktop compatibility, Google now is getting bigger. Essentially a personal assistant, Google has continued to take it a step further with every update, and it shows no sign of slowing down. Like any other part of Android, rumors are sure to come out about Google Now, and the latest rumor involves the reminder settings. Google Now has so many features, from sending texts, to getting directions. Simply open the app and say "OK Google..." then tell it what you want it to do, and it is done. Well possibly one of the most used features, is asking Google to remind you of something. Currently you can ask Google to remind you to get milk when at the store. All you need to do is set the reminder to be triggered by location. You can also ask Google to remind you to make a call at a certain time, for this we use time as the trigger. What if you need to remember something when you are with a certain person.

This is where the rumor comes in, it may come to pass that when you set a reminder, the trigger can be a person. "OK Google, reminded me to tell Jen about the YouTube video." Set the trigger to be a person, and boom, done. Next time you are with Jen, you will be reminded to tell her about the YouTube video. You could always just share the video, but this is just an example. Sources say that there is no definite information for how this will be done. However, surely you can take some guesses, location settings will most likely need to be set for both you and the person, and that could be the most obvious ways this can be done. Though this is Google we are talking about, so who knows how they plan to get this done, if they even plan on doing so.

This rumor has been given pretty high levels of trust, but in order for this service to work properly, there will need to be some changes made to our ability to share locations. Google has always given us the option to share precise location, however, to respect boundaries, they haven't really pushed it on us. It could be that the setting would only show users that are sharing precise location openly as options when setting the reminder. Still this idea is pretty interesting, and even just the rumors show how much Google is putting into the Google Now service. Tell us what you think, would you use this option and change your location sharing settings in order to do so, or are you trying to fight the man and keep your location settings private? What Google Now services are you using most, reminders, texts, calls, or just searches?

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