Rumor: Samsung Could Bring Back Mirrorlink Support With The Galaxy S5

There's a rumor that Samsung could be looking to bring back the capability to use Mirrorlink with the Samsung Galaxy S 5. Mirrolink for those of you that are unaware is basically a feature of newer vehicles that let you connect your smartphone up to the infotainment system, which can allow you to use the cars dashboard buttons, steering wheel controls, and the touch display infotainment system itself to manage and control various things on the phone. This feature was available in the Galaxy S3 through an app called Drive Link, but then was scrapped once the Galaxy S4 came out. According to sources, Samsung could be looking to bring this feature and capability back with the release of the S5, or at least bring the feature to the S5 at some point.

While these are just rumors right now, Korean news site ddaily reports that Samsung is partnering with a number of different auto manufacturers from Europe as well as the United States to make this feature work when pairing their upcoming flagship device with vehicles. So far there isn't any mention on when or if this feature will actually be made available on the Galaxy S5 or any other future devices, but if Samsung were to update the Drive Link app or release a new app for use with the Galaxy S5 specifically, many users would probably find it useful. Those who use the Galaxy S5 of course. Along with bringing the capability to use Mirrorlink on new devices this year, Samsung should aim to make the usability open in more countries around the globe, as the Mirrorlink and the Drive Link app for the Galaxy S3 was only usable in 21 different countries with a handful of vehicles.

This is likely not going to be a feature that will persuade many to buy a Galaxy S5, but it would certainly serve its purpose of safer driving if you absolutely have to use certain function on your device. If Drive Link was made available on the S5 would some of you seek to actually buy this device as a new phone? Or would you seek out other options with the current device you already have? Surely Samsung can't be the only OEM that has Mirrorlink support.

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