Rumor: New Nexus Tablet Could Feature A 2K Resolution Display

Earlier last week we reported that the rumor on Google's next Tablet in the Nexus device line up could be an 8.9-inch tablet that might be set up to replace the Nexus 7 or the Nexus 10. If the screen size is true, then it could be a replacement for either one seeing as how most people find this could be the sweet spot for a sizeable yet still ultra portable tablet. 10-inches is great, but for plenty of people it's too big. 7-inch screens are more portable, but then could be considered too small for those that want to enjoy their content on a bigger display. 8.9(or rather 9)inches could be the perfect size to keep content enjoyable on a larger display but still be small enough to remain easy to pack without taking up too much space in bags or pockets.

Digitimes Research, the source we received our information from on the previous statements regarding Google's new Nexus tablet is now reporting that the Tablet is not only more of a sure thing, but that it should also be ready to enter mass production by the summertime and that it will come with a 2K resolution display. It's important to remember that these are still just rumors, but they certainly feed right into the ideas that we could see this tablet at the Google I/O event this year in June, which is almost right in the middle of the summer. According to their findings, Digitimes says that Google has done much better in the market for smaller tablets than they have with the larger tablet market that the Nexus 10 fits into. The Nexus 10 is by all means a great device, but it didn't sell nearly as well as other tablets in that same market. By releasing a tablet with an 8.9-inch display, it's large enough to be considered a contender with the big boys, but still sell as well as the smaller size range of tablets like the Nexus 7, and especially so as more OEMs this year are introducing 8-inch tablets of their own.

Digitimes also believes that the fabled Nexus 8(8.9, 9, or whatever we're going to end up calling it later on) could be among the first of devices if not the first, to run Android 5.0 which could debut at Google I/O this June as well. We're a little bit skeptical on that part ourselves, but it's a nice thought. Among their predictions about what version of the OS it will run and the size of the display, it's said that the price could be potentially be set at a starting point of $299. That sounds like a fair assessment if that price was for the smaller storage model. It's now the middle of March, so we're bound to hear more about the so called Nexus 8 as we make our way towards the summer. For those of you that are keen on the 2013 Nexus 7, Amazon is running the 32GB model for $239 currently, which is $30 off of the original cost of $269.

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