Robird For Twitter Makes Tweeting Easier With A Clean Functional UI

In case you haven't found the perfect Twitter client app for use with your Android device yet,(and in my honest opinion this is because the two best have already reached their maximum amount of users: Carbon and Falcon Pro) a Twitter client app called Robird for Twitter is one client that could offer a solution to those who are without when it comes to Twitter apps. Robird give users an experience with a clean and minimalist look, with a simple to use interface and arguably one of the best and most useful features we've seen from any Twitter client app around. We're putting all the cards out on the table, and letting you know that Robird for Twitter will cost you $1.99 if you want to use it. With that being said, we think you're getting your money's worth here and it definitely has what it takes to be up there with the best of them.

First of all, one of the better features we've seen is the ability to Tweet anything any time, no matter what you're doing within the app. Robird for Twitter achieves this by placing a tastefully noticeable button at the bottom right corner of the screen, which displays your Twitter profile image next to a pencil, which opens up a new tweet upon tapping it. This button never goes away and is placed on top of any page that you're on inside the app so it's always simple to Tweet something, and fast. We found it to be non obtrusive and out of the way just enough that it didn't take away from the beautiful simplicity of the rest of the app. In terms of the apps aesthetics, Robird for Twitter is as minimalist as one could get without skimping on some nice design aspects. It has a clean news feed without a bunch of clutter, which is always nice. It also adds to the design by allowing users to choose a theme from a preset list, of which there are a few. We we're partial to the standard dark theme show in the image above.

Everything else you need to access while using Twitter is just a tap or a swipe away, so using the app is nice and fluid. Settings is located in the top right, just like you'd find inside the Play Store and many other apps, which makes accessing the settings menu familiar and a snap, just tap and you're there. As for everything else, we said it was just a swipe away and we weren't kidding. From the main screen of your news feed, just swiping your finger from the left edge to the middle of the screen brings up anything else you could want or need to do in Twitter, and lays it out for you in a nice, clean list of options. Robird for Twitter has a dedicated Tablet UI so it'll look great no matter what device you're using it on. One of the other great things we noticed about it, is that it's fast. Some other awesome and notable features about Robird for Twitter are that it has Pebble smartwatch support, and.. it has a widget extension for one of our other absolute favorite apps, which is Dashclock. There are plenty of other great features to Robird for Twitter but arguably too many details to name off. If you want to check out Robird for yourself, you can grab the app from the link here.

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