Reports Suggesting Tablets With 12-Inch Displays Are Being Met With Challenges In Development

Larger tablets are revered by some but are just too much screen size for others. For a while we've known nothing more than 7, 8, 9, and 1o-inch tablets that deliver needs and cater individually to person seeking the right tablet for them. Just this year though Samsung unveiled at CES its plans to release a line of new Pro series tablets, of which included a larger sized tablet with a 12.2-inch display. Apple also has a 12+ inch tablet in the works according to industry rumors, and ASUS has been working on its Dual-Booting 13-inch tablet that was to run both Android and Windows 8. At least the tablet from ASUS might never see the light of day due to Google's hesitation to have a tablet on the market that could allow such close access to the Android space for a Windows based product. Google has no intentions it seems of letting Microsoft gain any ground where Android already dominates the market, but the ASUS TD300 is still alive at this point, just in a delayed state.

Among the complications and challenges seen by ASUS, Samsung has a set of challenges to face all its own with the Note Pro 12.2. Since this tablet is marketed towards Business professionals that will have the need for some fairly powerful computing processes and access to equally powerful applications or programs, Samsung has a need to fulfill with giving those customers an equal experience to that of a laptop. The hard part for Samsung will be to match that type of computing power with processes and programs as a whole that a regular laptop PC could deliver, but at the cost of what the tablets are going for some or most customers might find it better to utilize a more traditional type of PC experience for business purposes. These tablets will no doubt be able to provide some users with all that they may need to do their work, but for many the enterprise apps may not be able to compete against full fledged PC programs that do the same or similar job, especially when you factor in the that some laptops are equal to or less than what the tablets will cost the consumer.

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