Possible ZTE Nubia X6 Display Panel shows up, With Thin Bezels


Thinning out the bezels of future smartphones seems to be the trend that many are following. Doing this adds more screen real estate and an overall better looking device. Chinese manufacturers are on their way into the spotlight, mainly we are talking about ZTE. If recent image leaks are real, then ZTE has made the decision to thin out the bezels, and keep climbing the ladder. The device that may be pictured, is said to be the new device in ZTE's premium lineup, the Nubia X6. Like most premium devices, like the HTC One, which is yet to be launched, and the Samsung Galaxy S5 before that was launched, we have seen leaks and renders of the Nubia X6. This newest leaked image, seems to be in line with those earlier leaks.

Nothing has been confirmed as of yet by ZTE, though that doesn't mean these images aren't real. Instead, that just means these pics are to be taken with a grain of salt, a very tiny grain. Especially since these images look very similar to earlier leaked images. The side bezels are what have been drastically thinned out. According to the source, they measure in at only 1.33mm. Like most premium devices, the Nubia X6 is rumored to be sporting an 801 Snapdragon, with 2GB RAM. The cameras seem to be the biggest speculated aspect of this device. Some rumors suggest that the front facing camera will be a 13mp shooter. Those would be some high quality, neck breaking selfies. Though, this is more than likely the camera specs for the back camera, which could also end up being 16mp. Hopefully we didn't lose you there, like all rumors, this is unconfirmed so we will have to wait until launch to find out. Another part that is being speculated on but is more than likely true, is that everything is to be housed in an alloy unibody casing.

The material used to make the housing of any device, is very important, look at what's going on with the Samsung Galaxy S5. The material being used in the S5, seems to be the biggest complaint across the web. Though in Samsung's defense, this could be genius, make the flagship out of plastics, and launch another "premium" device made of metals later. We will have to wait and see with Samsung, but ZTE may be going straight to the metal. As for when we will know officially what's going on with ZTE, like HTC, they are said to be launching towards the end of March 2014. Seems as though we have a lot to look forward to at the end of March, what do you think? Are you excited about the launch of the Nubia X6, or not really sure what to think, since we may not see the device in the US? Let us know down there, or on G+.

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