Pops Brings Your Ringtones And Notifications To Life With Animated GIFs And Videos

If we think about ringtones and the way they are now, they're infinitely better than they used to be years ago. Remember when polyphonic ringtones hit the scene? Yeah, some of you won't have a clue what those are, but many of you know what I'm talking about. It was the pinnacle of ringtones to notify you of when a text or a call came in. It made all your friends with boring old mono ringtones jealous, and among groups of friends,(why i'm not sure)you were king for just a little while. Now a days we have just about any song you could think of under the sun that can be used as a ringtone for notifications or calls, even things like random noises and video game ringtones,(my current use, the mario 1-UP sound)movies quotes and movie sounds. I wouldn't quite call it boring, but it's nothing new.

If you've been wishing there was a new way you could liven up your call, message, or email notifications though and everything available to you now seems... sub par, then the Pops Ringtones & Notifications app might be just what you were looking for. Instead of the common ringtones that we're used to from apps like Zedge(not hating here, it's a great app and I still use it)you can use GIFs and videos as your notifications, so anytime a person calls or you get an incoming message, email etc. you see the selected GIF or video that you have picked. While all your friends and family might still be using In The Air Tonight by Phil Collins as their ringtone, you can have a GIF of some of your favorite memes pop up when you get a message or a call.

The Pops notifications are usable with just about everything, from SMS to hangouts to twitter, so you shouldn't have trouble using it with any of the messaging apps that receive incoming notifications. With tons of options and the capability to edit the GIFs available with the built in video editor, plus the ability to shoot your own video and set it as your designated Pop, there won't be any shortage of choices. You can set different Pops for different people of course, and Pops itself is free to download, with one caveat. There are IAP for some of the usable pops which some might want to use right off the bat. Other than that it seems like a solid app that is kind of fun. Worth looking into. If you want to check out Pops, you can grab it from the Play Store.

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