Pocket Will Allow you to Save Content From Your Android Wear Watch



Wearable technology is set to really take off throughout 2014, and Android Wear is Google's foot in the door. With a Preview SDK available to developers, and a plethora of partners onboard to create watches using the new software, it seems that Google have something of a winner of their hands already. Of course, we'll have to wait and see what devices running Android Wear are really like until we can declare the program a success or not. Still, there's a lot of promise with the amount of companies onboard to create a watch using Wear and we're sure this Summer (when devices are scheduled to hit shelves) will be a fun time to shop for a new watch.


Pocket, the service that allows you to save content to a centralized account for reading later has been showing off their preview of functionality for Android Wear, allowing you to save content right from your wrist. Pocket have pushed the code to their Github, allowing app developers for Android Wear to implement the code into their app. They put together a quick prototype, showing content from a Tweet being saved to Pocket and we're sure that there are all sorts of apps that will make great use of this functionality when the watches launch this Summer.

If you're unfamiliar with Pocket, it's sort of like bookmarking online articles and such for later reading. However, it downloads the content and allows you to read it from any one of your devices, without a web page getting in the way, with night mode and more to enjoy the content at your leisure. It's a neat service, and one that I use regularly to catch up on writing from around the web on my own time. Having it on my wrist would be pretty neat as well, as my friends often send me things I want to check out and I often put them in my Pocket. Doing so from my wrist would make things a lot easier.

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