Phones4u Displays The HTC OneM8 Outside Their Store In Sign Advertisement

We still have around 10 days left before we hear anything officially from HTC about their big announcement that surrounds the upcoming HTC One M8, but more and more leaks seem to just keep springing up. The amount of leaks at this point has reached epic proportions and some have argued or speculated that this was all a plan from HTC to shove the thoughts about the new flagship device into our minds. At this rate it seems like the M8 has more leaks than any phone in history combined, with some of the latest being a leaked image showing the ChinaMobile branding on the back, and now this one today of the sign from a popular British retailer showing the phone coming on the 25th, with a message to register and be the first to get it.

The sign is actually fairly clever in the way that they tease the new phone. An image of what seems to be the HTC One M8 is pixelated out of focus, along with a message that says The best gets better, accompanied by the announcement date. Thus far we've haven't seen any advertisements go up stateside about the new device yet, or perhaps we just haven't noticed any. The very first ad for the One M8 was actually placed outside one of London's high-end department stores, but without an actual picture of the device. While this sign posted outside of Phones4U isn't really a leak, it does seem to play with consumers who may be excited with and intrigued over the new phone to come.

When added to the rather ridiculous amount of leaks that out there which includes the infamous 12 minute demo video that we saw just a week or two ago, this stunt from the phone retailer seems only an attempt to get customers even more excited and get people to register and purchase the phones at their establishment. The days keep counting down until March 25th, where we'll see big announcements at a special event in both New York and London for the HTC One M8, and even though it seem we know all there is to know about the device we can't wait to see if HTC has held anything back.

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