Phonejoy Bluetooth Game Controller Goes On Sale April 8th Starting At $69.99

For all the android gamers out there, the search for the perfect gamepad for use with your android devices can be a time consuming task. There are many choices out there available and arguably some excellent options. One that I personally have been keeping a keen eye on though is the Phonejoy controller that was funded through Kickstarter. You may have seen at least one other controller like it on the market, the MOGA Ace, as it holds a very similar design to that of the Phonejoy. The problem with the MOGA Ace is that it only support iOS. Should we be distressed? Nope. Because the Phonejoy not only has a better design, it looks to feel more comfortable in the hand and it's compatible with Android. The good news, is that the Phonejoy will finally become commericially available for all.

As of right now the controller is up on Amazon through a pre-order status which we have included the link to below, and the controller is expected to go on sale April 8th. So we're only looking at about a week and a half out until we can grab one of these beauties. The Phonejoy has pretty much everything you could need in a mobile gamepad. It has two joysticks similar to the placement you'd find on an Xbox 360 controller, a D-pad, a set of left and right bumper and trigger buttons, your standard A,B,X,Y action buttons, and of course your start button.

The Phonejoy controller connects to your device through Bluetooth 4.0, and has about an 8 hour battery life before it needs another charge. To charge it you just hook up the included micro USB cable and plug in the a/c adapter, and the cable plugs into the controller on the top next to the R1 bumper. What's nice about the Phonejoy too is that it's small, about the size of a standard wallet,(pocket size says Phonejoy) but it expands to clamp your device in the middle between both left and right sets of buttons, and it expands up to the size of the Galaxy Note 3, so short of trying to squeeze your Nexus 7 in there and failing, you'll be having quite a bit of luck fitting just about any device in there. The Phonejoy will be available in three different bundles starting at $69.99 for the basic package, which comes with the controller itself, a 1-year warranty and a 30-day return policy. The second bundle will run you $79.99 and comes with the controller, a soft pouch, the 3.5 mm audio adapter for use with headphones while you play, the micro USB cable and power adapter so you can charge while you play, and the warranty and return policy. The last package, will run you $89.99 and comes with all that other stuff plus the tablet kickstand and the travel case. If you love gaming on your mobile, this is one of the better options you could set yourself up with if not the best design on the market.

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