'Performance Boosting Thing' Coming to Future Android Versions


Google's Android open source ecosystem is undeniably one such platform which actively engages end-users for submitting bug reports for the betterment of future releases. However, at times the end-user might not be technical enough or coherent enough to actually clearly state the cause of his distress. Even in such cases, it is heartening to see Google taking a positive step in identifying and acknowledging the issue. The Android Open Source Issue Tracker is open for all Android users to post their issues and bugs, and though we don't normally concern ourselves with the issue tracker, this time we are making an exception. The exact text of the concern is reproduced below:

"my feature request is about performance.i have used many of the android versioned mobile phone and tabs. in all that i noticed about the performance factor.can u guyz add some performace boosting thing on the next version or any update to existing. i want to open 10+ apps, active few ones and mostly inactive.when 5+ apps of size about 2gb its starts hanging or slowing down the running speed.can u make some redesign or something that will increase the performance using lesser ram use."


The poster of the concern has had difficulties in articulating himself, that is a given, and undeniably the phrase "performance boosting thing" definitely catches attention. However, the concern is legitimate by all means. As owners of Android smartphone devices, it is our right to demand that the OS performs as per the user and not vice versa. It is a fact that if you open too many games or apps simultaneously the device does either heat up or develops a lag. It is also true that Google has been proactive in ensuring end-user comfort, as evidenced by the innovations and optimizations brought in by Project Butter in Jelly Bean and then Project Svelte in Kitkat.

The time is now right for Android to be taken up to the next level, where Project Svelte gets upgraded to Project Ripped and lag becomes a thing of history – something which is remembered, but never experienced. The best aspect of this report definitely Google's response, wherein on the same day this issue was reported, Google has tagged the issue as 'Medium Priority' for a future Android release. Thanks to the poster, we may finally get to see an Android version in which we could run all apps simultaneously without any potential system slowdowns.

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