Pebble Unveils Three New Games For Their Smartwatches At GDC 2014

Games on your smartwatch? Sure, why not. They have games available to play on Google Glass, so why not on a smartwatch with a proper display? The games we'll be going over refer to three new ones available for the Pebble Smartwatch, which they just showed off at GDC 2014(Game Developers Conference) this morning. Basically, if you thought that your smartwatch was just for telling you time and giving you access to notifications and such, think again. It is important to note though that these aren't complex game titles like you'd find on your consoles or smartphones/tablets obviously, but it has to be said. That doesn't mean that they can't be fun. Let's get into it.

The list of games that Pebble is showing off today at GDC 2014 are Icon Pop Quiz. I'm sure you can all guess what kind of game this is. It's a simple quiz game that you can play to answer questions and test your knowledge. It isn't quite on the same level as Quiz Up, but it should do just fine for those that want need to kill a couple minutes and don't want to break out their phone. Next in the line is a game called Hatchi. Hatchi is a game that is referred to as a Tamagotchi game, or something similar to a digimon. you basically have to raise your little Hatchi pet and keep it alive as it grows. We expect it to work pretty similar to many of the games that would fit this type of description. In all honesty, this game fits perfectly on something like the Pebble smartwatch. The screen is small and that watch has a few buttons, so its a nice medium for a game that can bring back the memories of growing your little Tamagotchi pet, which had a similar size display and a few buttons to work with.

Lastly is a game called Mr. Runner, which is an endless runner game. It's pretty straightforward how this game will work, and you could imagine it would look like. Your character is a simple stick figure that runs when you tell him to. You can start or stop your character by tapping the screen. You can hold down to pause his movement and avoid obstacles, and then release to let him run again. Three simple little games to give you tiny bits of enjoyment here and there. Nothing major, but worth a look if you enjoy games.

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