OnePlus Keeps Up The Friendly Mocking With This Mornings Comparison To The New HTC One M8

Just an hour or two before the big HTC announcements were beginning to take place this morning for the new HTC One M8, One Plus continued their campaign to mock and tease other manufacturers products compared to their own. I know this will probably get me flamed, and people will disagree until the day they die, but I personally think One Plus is hilarious for doing this. I think it's great that they feel confident in their device enough to put out all these mocking ads and images. Despite the fact that they haven't actually shown us anything tangible we can use to compare devices ourselves, the device on paper looks pretty good from where we're sitting and we really hope that it delivers on all fronts.

If you happened to miss the image post from earlier this morning when OnePlus themselves threw it up on several social media outlets, the image compares both the latest device from HTC, the all new HTC One M8, against the yet unreleased OnePlus One device that we have heard so much about this past month and a half. OnePlus brazenly and boldly pits their device against HTC's new phone, from just about every standard that should matter to consumers. They compare the price, the screen size, the cameras, the battery, storage capacity, and even right down to the use of the company logo and where it's placed. Is OnePlus biting off more than they can chew with all these jokes towards other OEMs? From my personal point of view, no. At least I hope not. I really, really, want the OnePlus One to succeed. The reality though could very well be that their phone may not stack up against the flagships they've mocked so openly for weeks.

The new comparison image ad wasn't the only thing they wanted to bring to our attention this week, as OnePlus gave us our first real time frame of when to expect to see the device in all it's fabled glory. April 23rd. Yes just towards the end of next month we should or hopefully get to see the Oneplus One unveiled and see how it's designed, and what all it has under the hood in entirety. Whatever the majority vote is concerning the clout of OnePlus and their first smartphone offering, the price seems extremely enticing considering to boasted specs. What do you all think about this latest joke and?

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