Google Changes Nexus 5 Bumper Cases With Larger, Easier to Press Buttons


As owners of the Nexus 5 many people think it may be best to purchase a case straight from Google. This would make perfect sense, buy a HTC device and get a HTC case, or own a Samsung device, get a Samsung case. Doing so makes you think that the case your ordered was tailor-made to fit and function with your device. Problem is, with the Nexus 5 case from Google, people had a tough time using the buttons. It seemed as though the part of the case that covered the buttons, wasn't tailor made for the Nexus 5, and needed some improvement. Well that improvement has come, and Google fixed it without saying anything, to anyone.

The case we are talking about here is the Google Nexus 5 Bumper case. The case was supposed to be made exclusively for the Nexus 5, but if you tried to wake the device with the case on, you may have thought otherwise. Same goes for the volume, you had to use a lot of pressure to do either task, and you would've noticed the case buttons were too thin or small. For some, the fact that the case had very poor functionality with the device was enough reason to skip it, maybe buy a third-party case. Though like a thief in the night, Google changed the build of the case, and said nothing.



In comparing newly ordered cases from Google, and first day bought cases, you can see the buttons were changed. The volume rocker was moved up just a smidge, but definitely made thicker. The power button on the side was moved down just a bit, and also made thicker. The case comes in multiple colors, and it seems that depending on the color case you order, may affect whether you get the new buttons.

Reports say that the only case color you may want to avoid, is yellow. For some reason, the yellow case still has the old buttons, while the other colors being ordered are receiving the new buttons. Reasons behind this could be speculated, maybe they are trying to get rid of them, or maybe they were sent out by accident, but for the time being stick with the other colors. It has been recommended that if you do want to spend the $35 on this official Nexus 5 case, you may want to order it in black or grey, while red and yellow is like taking a chance. Either way, it is odd that Google is fixing the problem without making an announcement. Almost like they want to cover up the problem. Possibly it is that the mistakes were an accident, but Google is usually pretty good about helping solve problems, at least when they are admitted. We will just have to wait and see if the attention this issue will be getting now, will cause Google to speak up.


Have you ordered the official bumper case for your Nexus 5, and did you have this issue? What did you do about it?

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