New Social Network Only Lets You Login If You Are Drunk, Via Breathalyzer


This is easily one of the most unique things I have heard about in a while.  Social media has started to become rather stagnant in regards to new, exciting options.  However, there is a new app on the horizon that may change this trend entirely.  The app is called Livr, and it a social media specifically for those who drink.  The intention is to allow people/drinkers to have a good time without the threat of being publicly exposed.  The app only shares things with other drinkers using the app, and if things get really bad there is a ‘Blackout’ option that resets everything to as if you were never there.  On the flip side, if you have a fantastic evening there is a ‘Send morning after report’ that keeps things and lets you share them later.

The biggest caveat with this app is that it requires the use of a breathalyzer accessory for the phone, which will cost a pretty penny.  As to whether or not people will bite for this app really depends if they are willing to fork over the cash for the accessory.  If you are a frequent consumer of alcohol, then the add-on could be useful to you in other ways, so it may be worth looking into purchasing one.  The app also offers some social games for participants to use.  Common games like Truth or Dare are available, which involve the user taking photographic or video evidence.  Then there’s Drunk Dial, which lets you randomly connect with another user for a chat.  Hot Spots lets you see other drinkers in the area and see how drunk they are, and there is another feature that lets you see drink deals in the local area and just how long they will be serving.

With an upcoming spring release, this app will certainly be an interesting one to watch.  With the added caveat of having to purchase the breathalyzer, it will be interesting to see just how well this app does.  With all the social features, it may be able to find its way into the crowd of the early 20s, but we will have to wait and see what happens.  If the pun of the name didn’t get you interested, hopefully the features will have you looking into this app, if you are about that sort of thing.  Do you think this app will succeed?  Share that and any other thoughts down below in the comments!