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Have you ever wished that the lights in your home would be smarter? Smarter than just turning on or off with a timer or smart phone, well LG wants to make your lighting dance with the music. LG announced their take on the 'smart' LED light bulb, first smart light out of the company. The 'smart' LED from LG can be controlled by Android which should be a given, and iOS with a special feature only for Android. LED's have the longest life and use up less energy, but more than that, they're easier to make in colors. So yes, this LED will come in color and in Day White. There will be an app to control the lights available for Android 4.3 and higher, and just like any other smart appliance or home product. Should be very similar to what we have seen already from Belkin WeMo lighting and outlets. When it comes to iOS, if you are concerned, the app will be available for iOS 6 and higher. Like we touched on earlier though, there will be some differences in controls between Android and iOS.

Both Android and iOS will have control over basic functions of the lights. Turn them on, turn them off, and with any good smart light, a security option as well. The security option is a way to set the lights on a timer, meaning on and off at certain times while you are away. However, that is all that iOS will be able to accomplish, and where Android gets a couple of more interesting features. As we know, LG caters a bit more to consumers of the Android persuasion, and rightfully so, being that the majority of their consumers, if not all of them, are using Android. Using the Android app, you can access "Play Mode". Using this mode, will make the lights blink or dim in cadence with the beat of whatever music you are playing. Turning your room into a club dance floor is a neat trick but even better, is turning your lights into some sort of assistant. "Play Mode" will also allow you the option of making your lights flash when you get a phone call. That way, if your ringtone is on silent, at least your lights can give you away.

There has been no word yet as to when you can get your hands on these bulbs, but the pricing has been given. For the US, we are looking at around $32 per bulb it would seem. That may seem pricey for a lightbulb, but remember, these are LED lights, so they can last you for about ten years. Even if you left them on for 5 hours for everyday for those ten years.

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