New Samsung Galaxy F Concept Brings Straight Lines From The Past


Rumors and concept designs are like snacks to a starving man, what that man is currently craving is the Samsung Galaxy F. A device, that is rumored to be Samsung's take on an all metal device for 2014. Now, thanks to Jermaine Smit, it is snack time.

Smit has created a concept model of the Samsung Galaxy F, and has shared it with the world. So what is it that Smit believes the Galaxy F should look like? Well we see a slim device in Smit's concept, with a rectangular design. Sharper edges and possibly all aluminum body, though other rumors suggest Samsung may use different materials. Though the design may recall features of past Samsung devices like the Galaxy S II, still with specs of today and possibly the future, this could be very well received by consumers.

Smit seemed to pull color choices from the line up of the Samsung Galaxy S5, with purple, gold, black, white, blue and teal. The device concept is a very clean one, with very thin side bezels, they are almost non-existent. This is a pattern we expect to materialize at some point very soon with most devices. The specs were very scarce with this concept, but we can imagine a few key components of this device.

The Samsung Galaxy F could be a device that pulls a lot of the same features as the Samsung Galaxy S5. Like the heart rate monitor, and fingerprint scanner, though there could be some upgrades. The purpose of releasing a Galaxy F would be to release premium specs in a premium casing. So we could see 4K video recording capabilities and a Snapdragon 805 chip inside.

This concept definitely can get the mind turning, and hopefully acts as inspiration to some designers out there. Who knows, maybe this concept could reach the likes of designers within Samsung and act as inspiration for the real Samsung Galaxy F, if there is one. What do you think about the concept and the color options? Is there anything missing that you would like to see in a Samsung Galaxy F device? What specs would you like to see? Let us know down there or on G+.

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