New Motorola Droid to Appear Q4 of This Year; to Feature More Kevlar



The Motorola Droid line has become an important line of Android devices, for not just Verizon but Google and the entire Android ecosystem. One of the few Android devices to achieve mainstream success during the beginning of Android, the Droid was one of Motorola's biggest successes in recent years. Since then, we've seen a new family of Droids launch each and every year, most of them taking after the hit design of the Droid Razr from 2011. Of course, when Motorola was bought by Google, there were rumors that no more Droid devices would come from Motorola. As Verizon and Motorola had entered a contract many years ago, the new Droid devices kept coming, and last year's Droid line featured many of the same software features people loved the Moto X for.


Now, there are rumors that even under Lenovo's ownership of the company, Motorola will be producing yet another Droid for Big Red here in the States. Coming from a reliable Chinese source, it's said that this year's Droid will be much the same as last year's, and will instead build on what we've seen already, rather than reinvent the wheel. According to the source, the device will feature "next-gen" kevlar materials and while we're not sure what that means, we can only assume it's referring to yet more kevlar being used in the production process. Last year, we saw the Droid Ultra and the Droid Maxx stand out from each other not only due to their battery capacities, but also because the Droid Maxx was an altogether better-looking device thanks to the grippy, good-looking kevlar back. Compared to the glossy plastic of the Droid Ultra, the Maxx was really the only way to go, as we discovered in our review.

We've no idea just what Motorola and Verizon have in store for the next-generation of the Droid line, but the devices are said to be hitting shelves in the fourth quarter of this year. Internals and such are still up in the air, but we would expect something similar to the internals of the next generation Moto X, whatever they might be.

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