The New HTC One M8 Battery, Will It Go The Distance For You?

Now that the new HTC One M8 has been officially unveiled and announced, did it live up to the leaks and the hype? While some might find there to be a lack of excitement due to all the information we pretty much already knew for weeks, most might be presumably caught up with other details about the device. Like how long will this device last during a full days use? Will it live up to the battery life of the original HTC One? Last years One had a 2,300 mAh battery inside, and battery life was pretty decent especially for HTC. This years device ups the ante with a 2,600 mAh battery, and according to yesterdays in depth video review by Tech Smart, they were able to pull off about seven to eight and half hours on a single charge from continuous heavy use during the day, with activities like watching YouTube videos, browsing and interacting with social media and just general daily tasks. That's not bad but it's a far cry from the toted up to 21 hours of talk time that we saw boasted in the leaked spec information on the Rogers website yesterday.

So where will the battery sit for the general consumer? Well considering the average smartphone user doesn't use quite the amount of features that some of us techies might, the battery life should be quite substantial. For those of us that would be considered the power user, and take full advantage of features like the Boom Sound speakers or just love to fire off tons of photos, it might be more in line with the 6-9 hour range. This if course will all depend on what you tend to use the most. The good news is that the battery is 40% longer battery live than the previous device, and HTC just announced that soon to come they will be updating the phone to have an Extreme Power Saver mode, that will allow the phone to last up to two full weeks in standby mode. While most of us probably don't have the device in standby mode very long or very often, two weeks in standby would be a nice feature to have.

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