A New Android Build Number Surfaces, Likely Points To New Version Of Kit Kat

Concerning the next version of Android that we might see get pushed out to devices whether that be in the near future or later in the year, the team over Myce uncovered a new build number of the Android OS by way of tinkering around in the Chromium Bug Tracker. The build was reportedly listed as Restricted View, which you could imagine would mean you needed to have a certain level of Googlyness to even access the information. It also serves to instill a great deal of curiosity into whoever might stare that Restricted View tag right in the face. This was the case with Myce and as soon as the restricted view was lifted they began work on poking around and wandering inside looking for anything useful.

The new build discovered is labeled as build number KTU65. There is no real detail about the build and we don't know for sure just what version of the OS this relates to, however it may not even matter for the end user as there is still a possibility that we may never see it on our devices. Lets go over what we do know though. Typically with Google's different Android builds, the build number can usually be examined to reveal what version of the OS it is by looking at the letters and numbers. As pointed out by Myce, the first character in the build which is the K, stands for Kit Kat. The first letter in the build number has always related to the release family of the OS version. So fro example, J for Jelly Bean. They had no information to give relating to what the T corresponded to, however they mention that the second letter in the build number is a branch code that allows Google to identify where the build originated. They go on to point out what the U and the number 65 mean in terms of this build number. The U corresponds to the quarter that the build had began testing, in this case the U stands for Q1 of this year, and the 65 corresponds to the day within that Quarter, so 65 being the 65th day.

With this information on a new build number it stands to reason that we'll likely be seeing more Kit Kat builds come out before Google pushes forward onto the next Android build, and if we see any new versions of the OS at Google I/O this year it most likely won't be 5.0. It would be a nice thought, but seeing as how this Android build listed here is still in the works, it could be near summer before it gets pushed out if it gets pushed out at all.

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