As if we Needed it, Verizon Reminds us the Samsung Galaxy S5 is Coming to Verizon

Just in case the world has forgotten, Verizon's Insider's Guide has reminded us with a story that the Samsung Galaxy S5 coming to their network, as well as some comparisons of the Galaxy S5 with the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S3. Could it be that Verizon, in an effort to increase sales of the most popular series of phones the past couple of years, is jumping on the bandwagon to let everybody know just how good the new Galaxy S5 device is compared to the last two years' models? There should be a lot of Galaxy S3 users at their two-year mark, just itching to move on to a new device, and Verizon wants to let them know that the Galaxy S5 would be an ideal upgrade.

Perhaps, like most of us in the tech world, Verizon was hoping for something more revolutionary than evolutionary in the Galaxy S5. After the shock and laughter of the "band-aid" looking back of the S5 wears off - when we actually look closely at the device and its features - we will see that it is a solid entry as Samsung's new flagship. The more pictures I see, the more the back of the S5 takes on less of a "band-aid" look and more of a, dare I say, practical and elegant look...too far...Okay. 

Verizon points out that the Galaxy S5 will be running Android's latest 4.4.2 KitKat that will include the "OK, Google" launch features and is more efficient, using less power when running the same apps and programs.  They also point out that the Galaxy S5 can support up to 128GB of external storage and that the battery has increased from 2,600 to 2, well as adding an Ultra Power setting that will turn your screen black and shut off non-essential apps.

The 13MP camera on the Galaxy S4 was quite good, but the new 16MP camera and software on the S5 really steps up the photo taking capabilities a notch.  Let us not forget the Full HD display has jumped from 4.8-inches on the Galaxy S3 to 5-inches on the S4 to 5.1-inches on the S5.  Included are all the "usual" bells and whistles, but the Galaxy S5 also adds S Health to help you exercise, eat healthier, and monitor your progress.  All Galaxy S5's are certified dust and water-resistant - withstanding water immersion up to one meter for thirty minutes.  Samsung also adds Studio, a program for professionally editing your photos.

No arrival date is given, but we are assuming it will be April 11. Please hit us up on our Google+ Page and let us know if you are planning to pick up a new Galaxy S5 as soon as they hit the streets or will you be holding off until all of the flagships are out so you can compare the features, design, and feel of the new devices. Check out the gallery below of the Galaxy S5 - Verizon is only showing the Black and White models, but with the additional colors already announced, it may be available immediately in multiple colors. Samsung is pulling out all of the stops to try to sell these new Galaxy S5s - colors and all.

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