Motorola Talks About The Design Inspiration For The Moto 360

When it comes to smartwatches and wearables, design is just as important of a factor as the functionality for many people and this is where Motorola has sought to stand out with their newly announced Moto 360 smartwatch to come later this year. Striking visual appeal and unmatched design are evident by yesterdays short little videos that go over some of what the Moto 360 will look like and offer once available. Rumors are suggesting that some of those design details may end up making the Moto 360 smartwatch available in limited supply, but despite that possibility Motorola wanted to share some of the ideas that brought the Moto 360 to where it is now and how it became such a beautiful looking device.

One thing that was pointed out by Motorola's Jim Wicks, who is the lead on the design team for the watch and is currently engaging in the companies hangout event, was that no one had really approached the smartwatch with the idea to design it to look more like a watch then what they think a smartwatch should look like. Yes, smartwatches are pieces of tech, but lets not forget that watches themselves are also pieces of fashion, which is what most people now a days wear a watch for. A fashion statement. It was this particular idea that helped lead them to design the Moto 360 to look like a watch as opposed to a piece of technology that would be worn on the wrist. As a good example of this, I have a nice watch that I personally have loved for years because of its stainless steel design that provides a nice clean look. The battery in the watch is dead, so it no longer functions as a watch is intended, which is mainly to tell time. When and if I actually wear it, it is only for the purpose of serving as an additional fashion statement to complete a look to an outfit. The same idea can be applied to having different looking watches with different bands made from different materials. Variety in such a manner is all about a fashion statement and complimenting a look.

Now Moto 360 certainly looks stunning, but it's not all about looks for Motorola. They also have a strong focus for functionality and comfort as well, which they recently talked about in the hangout. The reason for the watch having a round face is geared towards getting the most amount of usable space for the display of the watch face, while still providing a very nice, really comfortable feel compared to a smartwatch with a square face. In the hangout they also mention that charging the device will happen in such a way that allowed them to do away with any sort of charging connector port. This ties a little in to how the design of the watch was important, but also seems to push things forward in how we give power to our devices. Perhaps it'll charge on a wireless base of some kind? Maybe Motorola will implement kinetics as a way to keep the watch powered up? Jim Wicks also mentions that the watch was designed to be water resistant, so that means you should be able to wear it no matter what the weather is like. There was no mention of price or exact availability timeframe or location as of yet, but they did note that particular information was coming soon.

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