Some Moto X Users Experiencing Battery Issues After 4.4.2 Update

Have you been experiencing battery issues with your Moto X after it was updated to Android 4.4.2? Well, you're definitely not alone. There have been many reports of the Moto X's battery struggling after the recent update to bring it to the latest Android version. This issue might be caused by Android OS being intrusive and hogging battery. Many users have claimed that their battery has been suffering since the update. The battery issues are not centralized under one carrier, but it seems that a majority of the users who are reporting the problem are Verizon users.

The folks over at Droid Life think that the battery issue could also be caused by Active Display, which just updated on February 27th to fix some bugs and honor vibration settings. While it's not concrete that this could be the main factor in the battery drain, it could be a contributor. However, prior to this update, users were reporting battery drain with their devices.

Personally, on my Moto X, I've never been able to get the fabled 24 hours of mixed usage. However, that's not all my Moto X's fault. I'm an extremely heavy phone user and most phones can't last me through the day. The 4.4.2 update certainly didn't improve my battery at all. I had noticed that after the 4.4.2 update, Android OS was hogging quite a bit of my battery life. It seems to have calmed down a little bit now, but I've gotten used to plugging my phone in pretty often.

Motorola has been pretty good at getting updates ready and pushed out to the carriers here in the United States. They're definitely one of the faster manufacturers when it comes to updating devices, and it seems that they've been working hard on getting carriers on board with updates, as well. Some of the ease in updating comes from the fact that Motorola's current devices are very close to stock Android. I suppose that for now, we'll have to look into doing some troubleshooting to see if we can find a way to make the battery life a little more manageable while we await an update or an official way to solve the battery problem.

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