Moto G Forte Leaked for Latin America, a Stronger version of the Moto G

March 29, 2014 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Motorola informed us at their little Q&A in Barcelona last month at Mobile World Congress that the Moto G had been their most successful phone launch ever. Which isn’t a real surprise since it was the first phone to launch on more than one carrier and in more than one country. Before 2013, Motorola typically launched a DROID on Verizon, an Atrix on AT&T and a Photon on Sprint. And with those being exclusive to those carriers in the US, it’s hard for them to be huge sellers. However the Moto G is available almost everywhere. And here in the US it’s compatible with T-Mobile and AT&T, along with their MVNOs, as well as Verizon prepaid, Sprint Prepaid and Boost Mobile. Not to mention it’s on the Google Play Store. So it’s pretty widely available. It’s also a great phone, that’s under $200.

It looks like Motorola is set to improve the Moto G already, as was leaked by @EvleaksES already. The Moto G Forte is headed to Latin America. “Forte” means strong, and according to Evleaks, it appears that there are some changes to the Moto G Forte compared to the Moto G. Which makes it even more durable, which is always great to see. It also appears that the bezel ¬†on the front is no longer glossy, but a matte finish, which looks really nice, but also a bit odd as the bezels have always been glossy on just about every device we’ve ever seen.

There’s not much else known about the Moto G Forte just yet, but we should be hearing more about it soon. I’m sure Moto G fans are pretty excited about this, as a stronger phone is always better, especially for those that are a bit clumsy. I could see Motorola selling both the Moto G and Moto G Forte side-by-side. Pricing the Moto G Forte just slightly higher. I think it would be a great choice from Motorola. What does everyone think about the Moto G Forte? Let us know in the comments below.